is not what’s
in your head

and it’s
not what’s
in your heart.

Wisdom is
only what’s
in both your
head and
your heart,

and then
has been
††††† ACTION!

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This Secret flows out of last weeks.  There have been a few times I have been warned, perhaps "prepared" is a better word, for something I will go through.  No escape!  Just a heads up.  Paul finally being sent to Rome or Jesus going to Jerusalem the last time both come to mind, although so far mine have been nowhere close to being that severe.

11.  Disasters, rough lives, lousy deaths, etc. are not always avoidable and are not always bad from an eternal viewpoint.  Sometimes it's just the thorn required as a teacher for what you need.  The human view is always too short, and not everything we desire as good really is.

This is going to be a collection of observations, which may not be true in every case.  Let's start with death; it is not the worst thing that can happen to us from God's perspective.  I have noticed that protracted, drawn out deaths tend to have secondary reasons behind them: Sometimes the person does not want to let go of life for fear of death, or what will happen to those left behind; And sometimes it's a loved one fearfully unwilling to let go.  It seems possible to "hold a person".  I have also noticed (please think about it and comment), that a disproportionate number of strong, overly independent types wind up experiencing a period of helpless dependency.

It seems as if quick, unexpected, early, deaths are associated with God's intentionally short assignments, and there are often dreams and premonitions of being a "fast burning candle".  The gruesome or tragic deaths are more likely to be catalysts, focal points, tipping points for the benefit of others than for the actual person.  Yes, I am convinced that some deaths are part of an assignment for the benefit of others.

How about rough life assignments?  I think of Job.  The purpose was to teach Satan and all creation a lesson; rough job for Job.  Angela, who lived 45 minutes?  How about a spouse who lays down their life to care for a disabled mate?  Hard but wonderful?  But would you be willing to take on the disabled mate assignment so as to give the caregiver the chance to learn the lessons they need from life?  As with most Bible characters, both spouses have an assignment, a job, and a role to play that benefits both long range!  Both spouses and both roles are important to God.

We exist: not just to learn and experience (normally through the roles others play in their life); not just to do Godís purposes in some big cosmic plan; but also to play specific needed parts in the lives of others so as to make the learning and growing of those other people possible.  We all play all THREE roles in Godís overall plans and purposes.  Do you see it?

And some of the roles look rough to the actor and the audience.

—    —    —    —    —

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