is not what’s
in your head
and it’s
not what’s
in your heart.

Wisdom is
only what’s
in both your
head and
your heart,
and then
has been
††††† ACTION!

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Now, let's work on that hard, Third idea, that there are things in the spiritual realm that we should do, but don't.  How does that fit with Secret 18 that I listed last week?

18.  There are spiritual principles just as real as the laws of physics... that will work... even for intentional evil....

What I see is that Satan has claimed as his, some of the very spiritual principles that were to have been used by us in our dominion over the earth.  As a result many churches and many religious leaders have out of fear, shied away from the very things we are to use as agents for the Lord and under His control!

Oh, don't touch that, it's "from" Satan (wrong, Satan may pervert and grab things, but he didn't create anything)!  That isn't for today (wrong, Satan's minions ARE using them today).  That ended with the early church (we are just as needy).  No, you can't hear from God except through the Bible (God hates the Nicolaitan spirit).  Anything to keep you clean, safe, and POWERLESS.  It's too dangerous.

And having played around with the occult I do know that there is danger; some of the concerns are real.  So, where is the godly balance?  Stoves!   Stoves?  Yes, stoves.  You do not let a one year old play with the knobs, or stick their hand in the flames.  But that is not a "forever" situation.  They should as they grow learn not just to use the stove, but the oven, and to cook!  With sharp knives even!  How?  By watching someone consistently, carefully, respectfully using that stove in an ongoing and adult manner.  And then, first under supervision and later by themselves, to practice using that stove in real life, food on the table conditions!

Now substitute the words "spiritual gifts" for the word "stove"; and the words "be God's agent empowered for the kingdom" for the word "cook".  It really is that simple.  Every pastor should have something they can safely pass on, but if there is something you feel uncomfortable with - fine!  Bring in a mature Christian you trust to help teach your people at least the rudimentary rules of cooking!  Slow, steady, safe, but teach them!  And even if most don't become chefs, at least they won't freak out around stoves, or be tempted by Satan's stolen stoves!

Reclaim what was stolen.

And don't keep your congregation as infants.

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