is not what’s
in your head

and it’s
not what’s
in your heart.

Wisdom is
only what’s
in both your
head and
your heart,

and then
has been

Relationships - Physics - Theology - Life


When I look honestly at "Image" I see three things most people ignore.  1. The dictionary definition focuses on the information projected by a light, past or through an object, onto a screen; not on the screen itself.  We are only the screen, not the information.  2. The original Hebrew pictures of the three letters "tz-l-m" at the root of the word image give a meaning that the image is for us to "catch - the authority - in the chaos".  This again focuses on the information, on God's doing, not on the clay object the information is projected unto.  3. The things modeled or imaged really are not about man, but about the PROCESS of how God is: desiring, rejecting, choosing, doing.  The process is Him, not us; that's what this life is about.

Without understanding what God is saying about Himself in His Image, that it is NOT good for Him to be alone, theologians totally screw up a lot of things.  They miss that the Christ is the Father's desire to not be alone now spoken and made manifest.  That leads to misunderstanding the nature and necessity of "begotten".  Theologians then also tend to propagate some very nice religious sounding things about God being eternally complete within Himself.  That is NOT what His Image says!  And this will bother some people, but that can lead to not understanding why Christ would want to be our Savior.  Dying for us was a needed expediency on the road to His main job of being the "rib", the head, the focal point, around which and upon which the Father is slowly building His companion!  That's what this is about.

Your choices are not God versus you as your own god.  It is: will you learn to yield and flow with Christ as your Lord, Husband, and Head, or not?  Read Ezekiel 16:4-34 about God raising an infant to be a wife, but her choosing against Him.  Like a faithful wife, there MUST be an "I do", a choice, and a learning to flow and yield.  That's what this life offers for all of us.

God desiring a companion is neither metaphor or allusion.  It isn't exactly prescriptive either.  It is a specific statement, found in His carefully engraved Image, that the Father is saying about Himself through a physical model.  It is not good for the Father to be alone!  Therefore, it is motive, PROCESS, and within modeling accuracy of being perfectly descriptive!  Remember, no other image, carved, formed, molded, shaped, cast, anything, is allowed!  Like it or not THIS IS THE ONLY ALLOWED IMAGE, because He specifically made it.  That's what this life is about.

The Father God COULD NOT be to Himself the companion He desired for Himself in eternity.  That is what is behind the Christ being begotten, the Image, the covenant He cut with Abram, the sacrifice of Isaac, the redemption, the Christ as “rib” and focal point, the new earth, EVERYTHING.  Getting what He wanted from the beginning is being proved by all of God’s actions to be one HUGE motivator.  I'm not sure, but I think it tells me something else about God.  All His actions say He really is LOVE; He doesn't have to create it, His doings define it!

That's what this life is about!

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