is not what’s
in your head
and it’s
not what’s
in your heart.

Wisdom is
only what’s
in both your
head and
your heart,
and then
has been
††††† ACTION!

Relationships - Physics - Theology - Life


This Secret is about humans getting things wrong.  Here are a few examples.  1. I am a physicist who about thirty five years ago ran across a theory of physics that makes much of the physics I learned in college wrong!  2. Then the Lord gave me a message to share: that His Image is about HIM and His intentions to have a companion, NOT about us.  3. Having examined the works of Immanuel Velikovsky and the Biblical time lines of Saul and the Hyksos I am convinced the dating of Egyptology is off by about 300 years!  AND: I am old enough to remember lots of things that people were SURE just had to be right, in the fields of archaeology, religion, medicine (big time), and astrophysics!  All wrong, wrong, wrong.  So, I personally have faced Secret 24 numerous times, and repeatedly seen its vehement effect on others.

24.  The biggest stumbling block to learning is thinking you already know it or have it.  The next biggest block is having tradition or leaders of tradition tell you what you can't or shouldn't learn.

There are too many different manifestations of this secret to cover them all, so I will deal with just a few.  One problem is "Vested Interest".  If I spend decades of my life and several hundred thousand dollars becoming a Doctor or a PhD, have a career going, or perhaps research grants in the field; let's just say a major correction is NOT going to be met with enthusiasm.  Second is the "not invented here", also called the "who are you to tell me".  You see most earth shaking major changes come from individuals, serendipitously, often not even directly in the field they are changing.  They have not had the same training as "the experts", which is probably a good thing.  They don't know what supposedly can't be done!  If it involves major change, the new idea is not normally accepted during the life of the inventor.

On a more personal level, let's say you were raised your whole life to be a good Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, or Whatever!  Then someone comes along telling you God's Image is about HIM, or something about the gifts of the Spirit, or whatever.  You will hear: "that's not for today", "that's from Satan", "the Creeds say...", "the early church fathers...", "if you abandon..., you're going to hell", and more.  As a balance, remember it wasn't long ago the church wrongly killed you for believing the earth went around the sun, or for reading the wrong translation of the Bible!

If you see any of the above listed "disclaimers" popping up, STOP!  Put fear and pride aside.  Honestly evaluate, is this perhaps something the Lord is making available to you, or not?  Is it true or not?  You must hear from Him!

Half of what YOU think you know is wrong!
You will be a better person if you can learn to live with that.

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