is not what’s
in your head

and it’s
not what’s
in your heart.

Wisdom is
only what’s
in both your
head and
your heart,

and then
has been

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I have been a fully committed Christian for over 45 year.  I see the main problem with Calvinism, Arminianism, Soteriology, and others, is that in general there is NOT an adequate teaching or understanding of Blood Covenant which is the basis for ALL interactions between God and man; or a proper emphasis on what God wants to show us about Himself through His Image.  So, there is a natural vacuum caused by the lack of the rock solid assurance that knowledge could offer.  Let's start with covenant.

The simple truth is covenant with God does always contain amazing assurance of both specifically promised, permanently fixed, positions, under covenant; AND "but if" clauses that do determine the specifics of how God deals with us under covenant, dependent upon our response or lack thereof to those terms.  It is exactly like a child under a good parent!  That I love my son is based on him being my son, but the specifics of the relationship are based on his age related needs!  Covenant is the foundation under the words "faith" or "believe".  That is what you are trusting, a Christ cut and filled covenant.  Covenant is what is under the words to make them work.  Covenant is exactly what Abram asked from God, "How may I know?", and it is the exact answer God gave to him.

To simplistically say God loves us UNCONDITIONALLY is also a lie; the word does not occur even once in most translations of the Bible.  And God's own self-definition of love always Always ALWAYS uses covenant terms like shield, friend, banner, covering, etc.  The simply stated assurance is that God can NOT break covenant.  That is stronger than the capricious, unexplained, predetermined choice of Calvinism.

True, the provision of salvation is NOT dependent upon us, BUT the entering into that provision IS covenant!  Exactly like Ruth accepting the God of Naomi.  It is like a marriage which requires saying I do with a full, unimpaired, no duress, knowing, willful, consent.  There are things God, as a gentleman can do just because He made us (call it covenant level one), but as a gentleman, as a parent-husband, as one seeking a companion, there are amazing things He will not do unless we invite Him in (covenant level two)!  And then more.  And then MORE!

Deeper and deeper in, way beyond just being saved.

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