is not what’s
in your head

and it’s
not what’s
in your heart.

Wisdom is
only what’s
in both your
head and
your heart,

and then
has been

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This will be my last Blog for now regarding Calvinism.  So, perhaps a summation is in order.  We have briefly looked at:

•   Calvinism absolutely requires: A God who is 100% complete within Himself, not needing us; 100% powerful and involved in doing absolutely everything; 100% predetermination of who will be saved and who is already assigned to hell; no explanation provided as that may actually involve man; and basically a totally super holy "otherness" type of God.

•   This is NOT the covenant God of Abraham.

•   Calvinism has tried to fill a vacuum caused by lack of Blood Covenant teaching.

•   Salvation is NOT the final objective, just as marriage doesn't stop at the reception.  Calvinism does not properly promote the maturity and responsibility to grow past that point.

•   The only allowed Image God specifically created to show us Him, is totally contrary to the absolutes of Calvinism.

•   "Covenant Theology" is nothing like actual Blood Covenant.  There is a duality to real covenants with God.  You are beautiful, AND we need to work on a few things.

•   God continuously uses required "acts of obedience" that demonstrate an agreement and participation with God as He Parent-Husbands us.

•   God desires a specially built "helper" companion, exactly like Eve was to have been to Adam.  And Christ is the "rib" upon and around which she is being built.

I understand the comfort a "It's all 100% God, and He has predestined me for heaven" view of God can bring.  It is the comfort of a child, and for a young Christian it isn't totally wrong.  For some though, I have seen Satan use Calvinism as a trap!  The structure of selectively picked scriptures needed to support Calvinism must be defended at all cost!  The cost?  Never letting yourself say, "I do" to an unfolding, ever deeper relationship with Jesus; never even recognizing in your own life some of the acts of obedience similar to God telling Abram to get some animals; and sometimes not having the gentle brokenness and listening yieldiness Christ desires in His Bride.

In over defending God, Calvinism robs itself
of the tools needed to walk in maturity with Christ in eternity.

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