is not what’s
in your head
and it’s
not what’s
in your heart.

Wisdom is
only what’s
in both your
head and
your heart,
and then
has been
††††† ACTION!

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I am convinced that just as we spend way too much time on the secondary issues of life: sin; salvation; doctrines and theologies; social reform; or even the transcendence of man over flesh, and not enough time on the MAIN THING of trust, yielding, and becoming.  So, it seems to me we spend too much time being fragmented by the surface manifestations of evil.  Sometimes we can be totally deceived as to who is the real enemy.

14.  Be it Hitler for a master race, or communism/socialism initially promising whatever you want to hear, one seldom hears of the real spiritual force hiding deep behind all power struggles.  It is Satan trying to eliminate the name and worship of God, thwart His purposes, and destroy people and people groups important to God.

Just as one example, let's start with Israel and work backwards. To "prove" God wrong, Satan, who knows his time is short, must destroy Israel.  It is God's timepiece.  It is where Christ will come.  Unfortunately, the USA is the one country with the will and strength to stand with Israel and stop Satan from using various other countries hateful enough to destroy Israel for him!

So, the objective expands to do ANYTHING necessary to stop the U.S.A. from having either the will or the capability to defend Israel.  Shrink the military.  Civil unrest.  Martial Law.  Dumb down the people.  Vote in Socialism.  U.N. control.  Moral decay leading to God's judgment.  Monetary collapse.  IT DOESN'T MATTER, anything that will do the job.  And all the contradictory sounding parts are covered with some sweet sounding mix of rights, self-righteousness, I deserve, "they" deserve, it's progress, fair, inclusive, diverse, even "Jesus would have"!  Let me give you a few more details of just one mode of attack.

This last election wasn't really about Hillary or Trump.  It was Satan who wanted Hillary, or someone like her, in power so the Democratic platform could: increase abortions; increase homosexuality; disarm the American people (allowing government control, this is NOT about "safety"); and appoint Supreme Court Judges that would lock in abominations for the next 3-4 decades while inventing new "rights", shredding the Constitution, and silencing Christians.  Satan desperately wanted God to HAVE TO judge this country.  Anything to make the USA incapable of effectively standing with the real target — Israel.

That is the real bottom line everyone is ignoring.  And EVERY bit of it is sugar coated to tickle somebody's ear into listening.

But Satan NEVER delivers what you expect!

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