made us
in His image
so that we
could get a
glimpse of HIM
and His desire
and purposes
for us;

to see
our place in
the pattern of

        YOU !!!


When Tom was in his mid twenties he hit a relationship wall, a problem he simply was not smart enough to handle.  It drove him to dig after any and every scrap of information you could imagine that had anything to do with relationships.  This included reading the Bible cover to cover (about 26 times), psychology books, studying marriage records at a county court house, analyzing the summary data from 83,000 Myers-Briggs personality tests, scientifically extracted general truths from some of the more far out subjects, reading Christian testimonies and relationship books, and decades of prayer and crying out to the Lord!.

Things started to clear up a bit when Jesus’ relationship to the Father was examined as the prime example, or guidebook, for the best that any relationship could be.  This then led me deeper, to studying the Father.  How does He father?  What are His long term objectives?  Why?  What does His fathering look like to us?  The standard teachings on His names were good, but they didn’t seem to go quite deep enough.  Something was still missing.

The key turned out to be the second most basic truth in the Bible.  That often repeated but much misunderstood basic is found in “Let us make man in our image, …male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:26 through 2:25)

This says God made for us, and of us, as one plural-unity, the only allowable Image of Him; so that we could look at Him, what He was, and what He intended for us in eternity.  Yes, we have messed up that Image, we want to look at us instead of at Him, but being the Image was the original intention.  Out of this simple but powerful revelation about Him comes a naturally unfolding pattern to all creation and all relationships!  The book “In God’s Image” captures that forgotten pattern, then applies it to us.

In God’s Image
His Heart For Us Revealed

Do you feel something is missing in your life?  Are you curious if there is a better way to walk in your relationships?  Do you wonder why you are here?  This 172 page book has some of the answers!
    It explores the character and intentions in the Image a Father God created of Himself!  That Image then helps us examine the subjects that impact relationships: viewpoint and attitude, faith, deep trust, the issue of control, reactions to truth, self-deception, and parenting.  God’s Image changes how we need to look at every single aspect of all relationships.
    There is even a chapter called “Lifeboat Lessons”, dealing with the pairs of life lessons we all must learn: leading as a head and supporting as a body; being responsible and responding upwards; and lastly needing and being needed.

God’s Image is a basic truth hidden right under our nose!

In God's Image
Hello?  God?  You there?

This booklet is an adaptation from "In God's Image" aimed at those hard times at the very bottom of the barrel of life.  It answers how when King David lost his child by Bathsheba he could walk across a barrel bottom like it was holy ground, and how Job could sit there totally empty but so strong hell couldn’t budge him even after losing everything!
    It starts with a definition of faith based on action, then dives past faith into the depth of “trust” Job spoke of, then introduces you to the THREE purposes of life to help you put the whole thing into....
        God's amazing perspective!
    You will discover that the bottom of the barrel really can be transformed into holy ground, perhaps even with a well or two of refreshing from a LORD and Savior who loves you enough to feel and walk the pain of the bottom with you.

In God's Image