All things work
together for
good!  Yes!

But guess
who gets to
define what
is good
from an

It’s not us.

So, sometimes
good can
look a bit
rough around
the edges.


Once upon a time there was this physicist who started writing a book called In God’s Image, His Heart For Us Revealed.  It was all about the basic root Image and pattern to all godly relationships.  Now the thing was that as that book was being written, this author kept bumping head first into all of these true-isms that were not really true.  Sayings that were repeated so often and so easily that they had slipped from being general guidelines worth thinking about into the deep water of motherhood and apple pie.

There were true-isms about unconditional love, or that only God can make you happy, about being politically correct, about God not needing us, and a whole bunch more.  And they were being used by pastors, psychologists, and counselors the same way a doctor happily slaps a medical term on a condition when he doesn’t really understand the root cause.  It’s not that the true-isms were totally bogus; it’s just that they were so misapplied and so stretched that the truth had leaked out of them.

This was as frustrating as trying to write with all the e’s missing.  Tom had to continually stop and writ☐  in “asid☐s”  to  ☐xplain which  ☐nd was up.

Eventually, Tom said, “Hmmm?”   What if he lifted some of the asides out of the In God’s Image book, amplified them, added to them, added other not-so-true-isms, and put it all in one book?  Perhaps calling it Christian Not-so-true-isms.  Would it help the world?  Well, it couldn’t hurt!  Below are the six main sections of that work-in-progress.

The Satan Hypothesis, The Secret Of:
What He Was, Is, And Isn’t!

There are those that think Satan is hiding behind every bush with power to stick his fingers into every area of our lives; and others are relatively sure he doesn’t even exist!  And Satan probably likes us believing either extreme.  Tom tackles this controversy head-on with Scripture, digging in deep enough to uncover one reason Satan was created in the first place, and therefore, perhaps why he is still allowed to be here.

Tom strives to cut through the not-so-true-isms to provide the answers we need in order to give truth to a confused world and to clear up some of our own misgivings and misunderstandings.  There are must read answers that will surprise you!

The purpose of this booklet is to replace ignorance and misinformation with a solid trust in a Father God who knows exactly what He is doing, and why.  Even with Satan!

The Satan Hypothesis, The Secret of: What He Was, Is, And Isn't!
I Am Not Under The Law (So There!)
Do Not Judge Anyone (Especially Me)

In this booklet Tom tackles the controversy that swirls back and forth about law and judgment versus grace.  Are we under the various systems of religious law or not?  Is there a judgment for the follower of Christ or just a reward?  Is there a judgment at all?  This booklet is a fresh look that digs deep into where Scripture leads, and lets God’s word shed light on man’s traditions.

Where Scripture leads is a bit startling.  It is both simpler and deeper than those arguing either side of the law-grace fence would ever imagine.  Tom has torn down the fence, and replaced it with a bridge between law and grace, much more like what the first twelve disciples experienced.

Encouraging YOU to think and experience is probably the best way to sum up this booklet.

I Am Not Under the Law (So There!)& Do Not Judge Anyone (Especially Me)
Unconditional Love
Fact Or Fantasy?

Do you realize the word “unconditional” is not used even once in most translations of the Bible?  This booklet digs into God’s own definition of Himself and of His love.  The result is a more mature, balanced view of love, based on covenant!  His love offers us a rock solid position under covenant, and inherently also attaches “but if” covenant clauses.  Not just “unconditional” or “conditional”, but both at once!

Tom then explores various well known scriptures that can be taken in a one sided manner that gives birth to mushy fantasies about love that aren’t consistent with how deeply God really does love us - or with what His love looks like in real life.

The purpose of this booklet is to give you comfort and assurance that a loving Father God really does know what He is doing when the realities of life come your way.

Unconditional Love - Fact Or Fiction?
TIME, God's Workshop

The one directional way we view time totally messes with our ability to understand how God looks at things.  We subconsciously apply our limitations to God!  We think He is limited in exactly the same way we are!  This negatively affects what we dare to ask, or what we dare to believe He is capable of doing.  It limits our ability to see how God really can weave all things together for our good.

Tom wants to expand your knowledge of how huge Godís workshop really is and give you a basis in reality for some of the things He can do that are absolutely mind blowing!

The questions of:  predetermination; how prayers are answered; what is recorded; and does God need us, are tackled head on using a more God centered, scriptural view of time.

TIME, God's Workshop
The Land  Responds!

There is so little that is taught about the land, and so many half-truths and misconceptions that this is a subject that is just begging to be explored.  What thinking there is on the subject ranges from a worship and reverence of the spirits of nature, all the way to a total arrogant disregard for the land as something to be used up and stomped under foot.

So, I went looking for a more Biblical balance that considers what God built into the Earth and what His intentions are for it with respect to man.  As a result of thousands of scriptures and much prayerful head scratching some answers bubbled to the surface that may surprise you!

At the end of this booklet I also included an ode to a balanced relationship between man and the Earth called, Nature Hear Me, I Am Man.

The Land  Responds!
A Controversial Look At  Mixed Signals

What I see in our society saddens me. The culture, the norms, the morals, have all shifted in the USA until we have become the most independent spirited nation in the world. The result? Young women who don't know who they are, or who God designed them to be. Young women who have unreal expectations that almost guarantee divorce. Young women who give off such mixed signals that a significant number of men seeking godly women are wondering if marriage is such a good idea.

With this booklet I desire to explore the three part reason for the mixed signals; and then give the young woman of today some comfort and assurance that a loving Father God really does understand her confusion, and does desire to provide covering and guidance in the midst of a twisted and perverted world.

Mixed Signals