Those that
don't learn
from history
are destined
to repeat it!

You see
things that
are spiritually
tend to repeat
and to ring

like a bell
getting ever



DEC 3, 2018:  SECRET 23, MESSIAH    This Secret is no secret, and should require no introduction.  It shouts for itself!

23.  Yeshua (Hebrew for savior, Jesus from the Greek) was/is the Jewish Messiah (Anointed One or Christ) pointed to by all God's dealings with the Israelites as recorded in the Bible.

What amazes me is how much of the truth of Jesus as the Messiah the Jewish people hold in the Bible, in the feasts, and in their hands - and will not let themselves see!  As an example read the Haggadah, the Jewish script for the Passover celebration (this goes back to Jesus's day).  They had three flat Matzos wafers with holes in them and stripes on them placed into a three pocket napkin.  Part of the middle one was broken off, wrapped in cloth, and hid in a high place till after the meal!  It is called the Afikomen, the dessert or surprise, and normally a younger child was rewarded for "finding" it.  The remainder of the middle one was taken out, broken, and distributed for all to eat a piece.

Why stripes?  Why is the matzos pierced?  Why three?  (Some say Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; but why break off a piece of poor Isaac?)  Why wrap the broken off piece?  Why hide part till later?  Why call it dessert or a surprise?  Why have all eat?  Why?  Why?  Why?

Now, the Disciples where always asking Jesus questions!  Continually!  Except this once.  They were celebrating the Passover meal, the one with all the questions.  And Matthew 26:26 says Jesus took the bread, and after blessing it broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said, "Take, eat; this is my body."  He broke the Matzos and the silence.  And they didn't ask Him to explain!

They understood Covenant!

—    —    —    —    —

NOV 26, 2018:  SECRET 22, APPROACHABLE    This Secret is based on what God through His one and only Image was from the very beginning trying to show us about Himself!  It goes dead against some of the nice religious sounding teachings of: God being totally "Other"; that God "not changing" applies to absolutely every aspect of Him forever; or God does not desire us or anything, He is totally complete in Himself.  Here goes!

22.  It is NOT good for the Father to be alone!  God Himself wants to walk with us, accept us, use His provisions and salvation to draw us back to Him; BUT it is like a marriage, you have to say, "I do".  He will not force you.  He is a gentleman who absolutely insists on a legal point of entry.

Some people seem to forget how absolutely serious God was about what I just said.  Absolutely any duress or not allowing us to choose would make the Covenant illegal!  And would make our choice meaningless!  God choosing to get the special companion He desired by putting eternal spiritual beings into human bodies of clay raised such a ruckus in heaven that it contributed to 1/3 of the angels siding with Satan!  Don't ever ignore that, it was a HUGE deal!  It cost God: one Archangel; 1/3rd of the other angels; and His SON!  So, God has a very important purpose for each one of us being exactly where we are!

And what is that purpose?  One: A chance to test our determination to choose God instead of self, in the middle of a muddy field of confusion where the Lord is purposely partly hidden.  I tell people to think of earth as an apple press.  The pressure separates the juice that can flow with the Lord from the pulp you feed to the pigs.

Two: If we choose to flow, then the purpose becomes to have us learn and experience the specific lessons we individually will need for eternity.  For example: Jesus - the cost of obedience; Ruth - where you go I will go; Saul - you are assigned to destroy the Amalekites; or even Esther - made Queen "for such a time as this".  And by this learning, choosing, and doing to demonstrate that God is Right.

Right To Want Us
Right To Put Us In Clay
Right To Redeem Us
Right To Insist We Choose
Right To Insist We Trust Him
Right In The End To Be All In All

—    —    —    —    —

NOV 19, 2018:  SECRET 21, KARMA?    When I first realized the huge spans of time over which God waits to bring His words, promises, curses, and blessings to fruition, I was amazed!  I can see why some people talk about karma, but what I see is a godly form of something much more than that!

21.  God balances and closes loose ends between peoples, even over hundreds or thousands of years.

Let me give you just one example.  The Amalekites, also called the Hyksos (shepherd-kings) or the Amu, attacked Israel at Rephidim as it was exiting Egypt in about 1495 BC.  Then, because Egypt was in ruins from plagues, the Pharaoh was dead, and northern Egypt was easy pickings, the Hyksos overran northern Egypt with almost no opposition perhaps only weeks after the Exodus.  This was the end of the Middle Kingdom.  Egyptology dating is off by hundreds of years!

The Hyksos ruled from the very northeast border of Egypt and from there also controlled the Philistines, intermarrying, etc.  The northern Pharaohs in this dark middle period are called Amu.  South Egypt was a vassal state.  And the Amalekites, Philistines, and people of the east were a constant thorn in Israel's side.

Saul, a Benjaminite, was commissioned to strike Amalek and devote to destruction all they had in about 1135-30 BC.  According to 1 Samuel 15:7, Saul went to Auaris in the valley and defeated the Amalekites from Havilah as far as Shur, which is east of Egypt."  That defeat starts the New Kingdom, a period of great prosperity for Israel and Egypt with trade between them!  Philistines are a continual thorn in the side to both.  There is just something about the Amalekite blood line that is savage, ruthless, and blood thirsty.  Hundreds of years later prideful, vengeful, Haman (a descendent of Agag the Amalekite) is an excellent example.

During the rule of Xerxes, 486-465 BC, we have Haman, out of pride, pay Xerxes 10,000 talents of silver to destroy the whole Jewish peoples!  Haman with his ten sons wind up hanging from the same fifty cubit high gallows he had prepared for the Jew, Mordecai (another Benjaminite).  That is a span of about 1020 years!  And I don't think it is over!  I can NOT prove it, but suspect some of that Amu-Philistine spirit is still at work in Gaza against Israel.

God does NOT forget unforgiven evil!

—    —    —    —    —

NOV 12, 2018:  SECRET 20, MANTRAS    In my younger days, besides playing around with the occult, I examined Zen Buddhism, Hindu meditation, and various non-drug methods of altering one's mental state.  I have also worked with and tried to share Christ with some extremely intellectual scientists and engineers.  So, Secret 20 of this series of 33 secrets has some interesting personal experience behind it.

20.  You will NEVER come to know God just by your intellect, although it can and should be useful to examine things and point the way.  And you simply can't impress God with your mind.  All you have to offer is you — yielded!  And that is also far more than any athlete, mystic, yoga, or meditation master will ever attain by their own effort.

Repetitive spiritual, mental, or physical practices not under God's control can actually offer an opening for Satan.

1 Timothy 4:7,8 say, "train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come."  There is a balance here, similar to my secret.  Neither of us is saying that training the mind OR the body doesn't have some benefit, but we both realize that trying to make that training of the mind or the body the focal point or a gateway to god is simply not going to work the way you expect it to!

Training the body or the mind can even help one avoid some sins!  1 Corinthians 9:27 says, "But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified."  Or 1 Thessalonians 4:4 says, "that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor", and other verses like Hebrews 5:14 talk about practicing the maturity of discerning good from evil.  But the problem again is that the "doing" of these things, in body or mind, can too easily become an idol!  I continually see the need for a balance that keeps the "doing" under God's control.

If you want a Mantra to help you keep the right perspective, for either your job, your intellect, your workouts, or for your meditation, might I suggest:

Father You Are Right.

—    —    —    —    —

OCT 29, 2018:  SECRET 19, FUNCTIONALITY    There are a bunch of pieces-parts to this Secret, and I am warning you about that so as you read the Secret you can think and look for a multiplicity of applications.

19.  Forgiveness and a cleanness of spirit are extremely important if you want to walk in any degree of power without self-destruction, but you will never be righteous or enlightened enough to do it by your own doing.

The first case I see is when one has a gift or empowerment from the Lord and also has given Satan a legal opening due to some sin or attachment.  There the effort by Satan is to use that opening to whisper things to the person that cause the gift to be: misused; cause harm not good; or to bring ridicule on the gift itself by misuse.

The second case is similar.  Here the person realizes their humanness, and Satan does everything possible to pound home to the person how totally unworthy they are to do anything for the Lord.   This is a subtle one.  In a twisted way Satan, the father of lies, is saying what sounds true.  A person can believe Satan, shut down their ministry, and forget that the gift is NOT dependent upon them except for their availability and obedience.

Case three.  Unforgiveness is the most corrosive and dangerous poisons available to man.  Every other poison kills or damages the body, unforgiveness kills the soul.  As a person practices unforgiveness (yes, you actually practice it), your focus shifts.  More and more you can NOT see to clearly practice the gift God has given you.

Case four.  Have you ever found yourself trying to be righteous enough?  Holy enough?  Good enough?  Bull-feathers!  It can't be done!  So, how does one "stay clean" to stay functional?  Here is my list of hints, feeling words, and words of obedience; not things for YOU to made you holy, but things to open you to the Lord:

- keeping short accounts
- progressive obedience
- gentle brokenness
- choosing to trust
- acts of faith
- acting as if
- transparency
- yeildiness
- appreciation
- learning to flow
- doing as unto the Lord

Remember, Satan does not care HOW he stops you from functioning.

—    —    —    —    —

OCT 22, 2018:  SECRET 18, TOO CAREFUL    Now, let's work on that hard, Third idea, that there are things in the spiritual realm that we should do, but don't.  How does that fit with Secret 18 that I listed last week?

18.  There are spiritual principles just as real as the laws of physics... that will work... even for intentional evil....

What I see is that Satan has claimed as his, some of the very spiritual principles that were to have been used by us in our dominion over the earth.  As a result many churches and many religious leaders have out of fear, shied away from the very things we are to use as agents for the Lord and under His control!

Oh, don't touch that, it's "from" Satan (wrong, Satan may pervert and grab things, but he didn't create anything)!  That isn't for today (wrong, Satan's minions ARE using them today).  That ended with the early church (we are just as needy).  No, you can't hear from God except through the Bible (God hates the Nicolaitan spirit).  Anything to keep you clean, safe, and POWERLESS.  It's too dangerous.

And having played around with the occult I do know that there is danger; some of the concerns are real.  So, where is the godly balance?  Stoves!   Stoves?  Yes, stoves.  You do not let a one year old play with the knobs, or stick their hand in the flames.  But that is not a "forever" situation.  They should as they grow learn not just to use the stove, but the oven, and to cook!  With sharp knives even!  How?  By watching someone consistently, carefully, respectfully using that stove in an ongoing and adult manner.  And then, first under supervision and later by themselves, to practice using that stove in real life, food on the table conditions!

Now substitute the words "spiritual gifts" for the word "stove"; and the words "be God's agent empowered for the kingdom" for the word "cook".  It really is that simple.  Every pastor should have something they can safely pass on, but if there is something you feel uncomfortable with - fine!  Bring in a mature Christian you trust to help teach your people at least the rudimentary rules of cooking!  Slow, steady, safe, but teach them!  And even if most don't become chefs, at least they won't freak out around stoves, or be tempted by Satan's stolen stoves!

Reclaim what was stolen.

And don't keep your congregation as infants.

—    —    —    —    —

OCT 15, 2018:  SECRET 18, CAREFUL    I am a retired physicist, and I understand that there is something we call the law of gravity.  And it will work if you understand it or not, if you shower someone with rose petals or purposely drop a bowling ball on their toes.  Rocket science or a stone thrown against the side of a barn:  it works.

18.  There are spiritual principles just as real as the laws of physics.  Some will work not just if you use them under God's guidance but also: under your own steam for your idea of good, for your own power and gratification, or even for intentional evil.  They also ALL have repercussions.  Actions will normally yield reactions you aren’t smart enough to foresee.

I see at least three sides to this coin: One, doing what we shouldn't; Two, doing what we should; Third, not doing what we should.  Let's start with number One, the easy one.  Us using these spiritual laws under our own control, for whatever reason: good, bad, selfish, altruistic, manipulative, black magic, "white" magic, profit, revenge, popularity, anything, is wrong and will long range produce results you will not like, and they may even separate you from God.  Long sentence but simple idea; don't!

Two, doing what you should, is a bit harder.  Here the spiritual laws tends to be packaged into what the Bible calls "gifts of the Spirit", and those gifts do not have to be on a particular Bible list!  They are whatever the Lord specifically and uniquely calls and empowers you to do for the benefit of His Kingdom.  There can be some pretty awesome power wrapped into those gifts!  And from God's point of view that specific gift or calling He gives you is irrevocably yours from the very second He says it is!

The catch is that there seems to always be an apprenticeship program of varying length that goes with each gift.  For me, as a teacher, the apprenticeship program was almost ten years with tons of screw-ups, times of "I can't", and times of a false "Hold my coffee, I've got this" that blew up badly.  God has to work into us not just a comfort in handling the gift, but a respect for the gift, and a realization that in using it we MUST act as His agent!

My point is that whatever gift the Lord gives you, He actually expects you (exactly like Jesus's disciples) to screw up!  It is part of the program!  Pick yourself up.  Dust yourself off.  Tell the Spirit you are sorry for the screw-up.  AND GET ON WITH IT!  It takes a while to learn to hold any gift, not too tightly, palm up, as onto the Lord, and UNDER HIS CONTROL - NOT YOURS!

That's the difference between Amazing and Witchcraft!

Next week the Third hard one, about not doing.

—    —    —    —    —

OCT 8, 2018:  SECRET 17, POWER    his short little secret is part of what drove me to my knees on my kitchen floor at 2:00 AM back in October of 1972 to accept Jesus as my Savior.

17.  What power you use, can and will use you.  Be careful who/what you call on, or get in bed with.

You see, as I was playing around with the occult, seership, things of power, and not only did a few things start to happen, but I also learned a few things.  One of the things nobody tells you about when you start to play around is that real power is never something you can develop by yourself!  Knowledge, yes.  Books and materials, yes.  But real spiritual Power always comes from unity with Power from and in the spirit realm.

And guess what?  For us there are only two sources of power.  One is God almighty, with much of that authority and power temporarily given to Jesus Christ as King and Lord as we are built upon and around Him.  And the other, might I add, lesser power is temporarily found and allowed in Satan.  No third choice that I know of.  No middle ground.  You are not designed to be your own god, and you never will be.

Now, for me the choice had become crystal clear.  I was going to wind up in bed with one force or the other.  I had to choose.  Right then.  But I think I need to include a word to those of you that are not so obviously playing around with the things of Satan; who might think this secret has nothing to do with them.  Wrong!  Each choice, each effort to ignore God or to go your own way accumulates into being the equivalent of a choice against God.  If you know it or not you ARE slowly building a case for Satan being able to legally say, "You are mine."

Maybe you do need to choose now who you belong to?  Remember —

YOU are not one of the choices!

—    —    —    —    —

OCT 1, 2018:  SECRET 16, CREDIT?    I have run across people who seem to think that fighting Satan is one of the main things in life.  It seems as if anything and everything that to the slightest degree displeases them MUST be from Satan!  And hence is rebuke-able by saying exactly the right words, saying them loud enough, saying them with the right amount of faith, and maybe by getting others to agree with them!  There are giving Satan praise, practicing Christian witchcraft, and don't even know it.

16.  Be careful to not see Satan under every bush.  Don't acknowledge him for every little setback ALLOWED BY GOD for your teaching.  If you must attribute a cause, it is best to emulate the way of Job that says, "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord."

I am convinced from a very in-depth study of evil that Satan was originally endowed with the ability to know our human weak spots for the specific purpose of being a tutor to the human race.  He was, in a controlled way to stretch, and test our weak spots so as to help us manage them and incorporate them into and under our dominion.  I am also totally convinced from that same study that even in our fallen world, God does take responsibility to make even Satan's worst come out for our good - if we will turn it over to Him!  Let me expand that a bit.

Satan fell!  So now he just wants to nail us to the wall!  But the gifts and call of God are IRREVOCABLE, even for Satan.  Therefore, it is exactly the same awareness of human weakness and thinking that he still uses against us!  Let me cut this one real short.  God threw Satan down to earth, and I don't think God has bad aim!  IT  WAS  FOR  GOD'S   PURPOSES!  The testing and stretching just got a bit rougher, but it is still being used by God in spite of Satan's best efforts to the contrary!

It is much better to thank God than to blame Satan, after all Satan is still on a leash.

And God holds the leash.

—    —    —    —    —

SEP 24, 2018:  SECRET 15, ROPE    I do not like this Secret.  Wars, needless deaths, genocides, famine, whole countries in poverty because of governmental corruption and greed.  And it never ends, we go from one to another!  Why?  Sin?  Satan?  Greed?  Yes, and partly because:

15.  God often works by patiently giving evil enough rope that it proves its own wrong, destroys itself, and accomplishes the Father’s will in the end.  And yes, it does seem to take forever and cost way too much if you are caught in the middle of His patient waiting for the cup of evil to fill.

A decade of persecution and power outages in Nigeria; but it's getting worse, 15,000 Christians killed in the last 3 years.  Years of progressive deprivation in Venezuela as Socialism delivers what comes natural when you combine Socialism with leadership greed.  Puerto Rico the beautiful, still a political armpit that refuses to give up Voodoo and witchcraft.  The Clintons may have screwed Puerto Rico out of millions, but they would not have used it wisely anyway.  ISIS beheading people out of pure hate; oh, and the name keeps changing but it's the same radicalism that declared war on us back in about 1996 no matter what it calls itself.  The Berlin Wall stood from 1961-1989 dividing families and lives.  Mao Tse-tung oppressively ruled 23% of the world’s population from 1946-1976.  Stalin ruled from the mid-1920s until 1953 and was responsible for the death of at least 20 million people.  And so much more...

Lord, I hates it!

I don't know about anybody else, but every once in a while I just have to step back; let my frustration for this terribly screwed up and hurting world slide off of me lubricated by tears, and just stand sorrowing and empty before the Lord.  It's too much for me.  I can not justify or explain, but somehow I just know the Lord does bring eternal good out of the flagrantly evil and confusing dichotomies.  Millions die horrible deaths, but each is precious to Him.  Over four hundred years for the Canaanites to fill the cup of iniquity, but yet each person and child is judged with compassion, even as the nations are slaughtered.  Six million Jews shot or gassed, but each one looked at by the Lord for a softness, a trust, a yielding that I know is extremely valuable to Him.

I guess I need to add death and evil to my list of things that are not the MAIN THING.  They are but the ever present stage, the continual backdrop against which the Lord's gentle brokenness is slowly built into us.

I still don't like it.

—    —    —    —    —

SEP 17, 2018:  SECRET 14, HIDING    I am convinced that just as we spend way too much time on the secondary issues of life: sin; salvation; doctrines and theologies; social reform; or even the transcendence of man over flesh, and not enough time on the MAIN THING of trust, yielding, and becoming.  So, it seems to me we spend too much time being fragmented by the surface manifestations of evil.  Sometimes we can be totally deceived as to who is the real enemy.

14.  Be it Hitler for a master race, or communism/socialism initially promising whatever you want to hear, one seldom hears of the real spiritual force hiding deep behind all power struggles.  It is Satan trying to eliminate the name and worship of God, thwart His purposes, and destroy people and people groups important to God.

Just as one example, let's start with Israel and work backwards. To "prove" God wrong, Satan, who knows his time is short, must destroy Israel.  It is God's timepiece.  It is where Christ will come.  Unfortunately, the USA is the one country with the will and strength to stand with Israel and stop Satan from using various other countries hateful enough to destroy Israel for him!

So, the objective expands to do ANYTHING necessary to stop the U.S.A. from having either the will or the capability to defend Israel.  Shrink the military.  Civil unrest.  Martial Law.  Dumb down the people.  Vote in Socialism.  U.N. control.  Moral decay leading to God's judgment.  Monetary collapse.  IT DOESN'T MATTER, anything that will do the job.  And all the contradictory sounding parts are covered with some sweet sounding mix of rights, self-righteousness, I deserve, "they" deserve, it's progress, fair, inclusive, diverse, even "Jesus would have"!  Let me give you a few more details of just one mode of attack.

This last election wasn't really about Hillary or Trump.  It was Satan who wanted Hillary, or someone like her, in power so the Democratic platform could: increase abortions; increase homosexuality; disarm the American people (allowing government control, this is NOT about "safety"); and appoint Supreme Court Judges that would lock in abominations for the next 3-4 decades while inventing new "rights", shredding the Constitution, and silencing Christians.  Satan desperately wanted God to HAVE TO judge this country.  Anything to make the USA incapable of effectively standing with the real target — Israel.

That is the real bottom line everyone is ignoring.  And EVERY bit of it is sugar coated to tickle somebody's ear into listening.

But Satan NEVER delivers what you expect!

—    —    —    —    —

SEP 10, 2018:  SECRET 13, SATAN    This Secret comes out of me playing around with the occult back in the late 60s, early 70s, and having it drive me to my knees to accept Jesus.  There was also the research I did for my booklet, "The Satan Hypothesis"; gathering EVERY scripture in the Bible on: evil, wrong, enslavement, turmoil, deceit, anguish, inequity, famine, disease, hate, murder, sanctified by God, sent from God, devised, created, purposed, raised up, allowed, of man, tongue, evil heart, love of money, circumstance, whoredom, false witness, deprivation, covet, greed, jealous, hardship, pride, punishment, maliciousness, consuming beast, deprivation, murmur & complain, rebellion, disobedience, hurt, idolatry, forsaking God, witchcraft, cheating God, sacrificing children, familiar spirits, etc.  So this is personal, not somebody else's fancy theology.

13.  Satan is real, but not equal to God, not even by a long shot.  He was created as our tutor, and thinks God was wrong to put spirit into flesh in the first place.  Satan does not care which "side" he works with.  He wins (short term) even if good triumphs by the wrong methods and attitudes.

Now that I have stated SECRET 13, it almost mandates that I answer at least a few questions.  For example.  Why was Satan "thrown down" to earth?  Why wasn't he just destroyed?  Oh, and the next few SECRETS will answer a few more questions.

1.  Part of why Satan was created was to act as a tutor, teacher, tester, for something very important to God — us!  He was to help grow us up so we really could have the dominion we were given.

2.  In falling, he is still stuck with exactly, and only, what he was created with in the first place.  He now tries to use it for bad, for our destruction, but it is still exactly the same testing and stretching now taken to tempt and destroy.

3.  But!  Turning Satan's worst over to God then has that worst become the good God intended of the tutoring, teaching, and testing.  God takes responsibility to make it come out right!

Your best defense?
Don't give him any legal ground to stand on!

—    —    —    —    —

SEP 3, 2018:  SECRET 12, SENSITIZATION    Now that we have looked at the Faith side of SECRET 12  let's switch gears and see what it has to do with Sensitization.  ~  I worked for a city one summer, going around with a sprayer to kill poison ivy on all public property, parks, walkways, all over.  After a few weeks I was so sensitized to the looks of poison ivy in all its forms, sizes, shapes, and locations that I could spot it and differentiate it from other similar weeds where other people couldn't see it even standing in it.  I even had poison ivy dreams.  A similar thing happened when for a while I was looking at happy and unhappily married couples.  There was something about the faces.  After a while I could see it without them saying a word.  How about Sudoku?  Checkers?  Chess?  After a while you start to see patterns a layer or two deeper, a few positions removed.  It isn't mechanical.  It is hard to describe.  You just see it.  It's how the brain works.  New neural pathways are trained!

So can that type of sensitization have anything do with faith?

I have explained elsewhere that the Bible is written like a "matrix associative memory" using picture stories to contain a piece of a concept here in one circumstance, another piece there worked out in a different circumstance.  So, reading the WHOLE Bible cover to cover gives you all the pieces for the Spirit to layer together in your mind.  He gives you what you need at the moment.

Can you or I use this?  Yes!  For example, if I wish to study Satan I can pull into a file EVERY scripture in the Bible related to Satan:  evil, wrong, enslavement, turmoil, deceit, anguish, inequity, famine, disease, hate, murder, and more!  I want God's whole take on the subject.  Next I compress multiple references and remove items that are not directly related to the subject at hand.  Then comes the fun!  I read, re-read, and re-read the whole file again and again!  Guess what?  The Lord Himself starts to show me patterns, grouping, angles to look at the subject that even the theologians and commentaries gloss over, like missing poison ivy.  Whatever the subject the brain can be trained to give new insights IF we are willing to do the work God's way, the way the Bible is written.

Now, it is absolutely true you want to test what He gives you with:  the Word, trusted mature Christians, the Spirit within you, circumstance, etc.  BUT!  But this is written to give YOU confidence, faith, that the way God has built both the Bible and your brain


—    —    —    —    —

AUG 27, 2018:  SECRET 12, FAITH    This Secret can be used for good OR for bad!  It is based on how our brains are wired.  Think of it as the reason we need to take care of what we repeatedly see, do, feed our mind, or let wander around in our mind without taking captive.  But it also covers a whole second field of study I call sensitization, first noticed when I worked one summer spraying poison ivy.

12.  Repeated saturation exposure to ANYTHING, news reports, various chocolate ice-creams, the Bible, Star War movies, even life, opens us to have faith in what we hear, AND also to see deeper patterns, beyond the details of the individual events — if we want to.

Okay, let's start with faith first, and then discuss sensitization as a separate subset of faith later on.  It is written in some translations of the Bible that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ (Romans 10:17).  Those translations put in just that one comma after hearing, as if the verse is explaining that the hearing itself is by the word of Christ.  The verse could be better understood as, “faith comes by hearing, and hearing, and re-hearing the word of Christ.”  The real emphasis in the Greek is the ongoing, repetitive nature of the hearing, with “by the word” telling you what type of faith Paul is talking about.

The repeated hearing slowly builds a base of God’s words and promises.  Things to act upon.  The first time I hear something new to me like "tithe", it may seem strange.  I may then learn that the purpose is not just for the Levite, the fatherless, the sojourner, and the widow, but also for my good — for me and my family to use part of the tithe to feast, fear, and rejoice before Him (cf. Deuteronomy 14:22-27).  Now that’s different!  The thought of tithing gradually becomes more familiar to me.  I may come to agree with the Spirit as He nudges me that my attitude toward “my” money is very important to God.  I may develop "faith" that if I belong to Him, and He owns everything, why do I need to hold so tightly to my wallet?

A word of warning!  Faith in anything, be it godly, worldly, or down right satanic, can indeed come from hearing and re-hearing the words and thoughts respectively of God, or of the world, or of Satan’s junk let loose in our mind.  We can even come to have faith in our own deceptions by hearing and re-hearing our own inner voice recorder as we replay the words/thoughts in our memory.  If we keep playing thoughts provided by Satan, the world, or our own flesh, it’s like being brainwashed by the ungodly.  Our views focus down until we can see nothing but whatever the message loop is playing.  We start having faith in it and will therefore start to act "as if" the repeated thoughts are truth.  We won’t see until too late that Satan wants to seduce us, rape us, and finally destroy us by having us see ourselves differently than God sees us!

You can brainwash YOU by repeatedly replaying negative thoughts.

—    —    —    —    —

AUG 20, 2018:  SECRET 11, ROUGH LIFE    This Secret flows out of last weeks.  There have been a few times I have been warned, perhaps "prepared" is a better word, for something I will go through.  No escape!  Just a heads up.  Paul finally being sent to Rome or Jesus going to Jerusalem the last time both come to mind, although so far mine have been nowhere close to being that severe.

11.  Disasters, rough lives, lousy deaths, etc. are not always avoidable and are not always bad from an eternal viewpoint.  Sometimes it's just the thorn required as a teacher for what you need.  The human view is always too short, and not everything we desire as good really is.

This is going to be a collection of observations, which may not be true in every case.  Let's start with death; it is not the worst thing that can happen to us from God's perspective.  I have noticed that protracted, drawn out deaths tend to have secondary reasons behind them: Sometimes the person does not want to let go of life for fear of death, or what will happen to those left behind; And sometimes it's a loved one fearfully unwilling to let go.  It seems possible to "hold a person".  I have also noticed (please think about it and comment), that a disproportionate number of strong, overly independent types wind up experiencing a period of helpless dependency.

It seems as if quick, unexpected, early, deaths are associated with God's intentionally short assignments, and there are often dreams and premonitions of being a "fast burning candle".  The gruesome or tragic deaths are more likely to be catalysts, focal points, tipping points for the benefit of others than for the actual person.  Yes, I am convinced that some deaths are part of an assignment for the benefit of others.

How about rough life assignments?  I think of Job.  The purpose was to teach Satan and all creation a lesson; rough job for Job.  Angela, who lived 45 minutes?  How about a spouse who lays down their life to care for a disabled mate?  Hard but wonderful?  But would you be willing to take on the disabled mate assignment so as to give the caregiver the chance to learn the lessons they need from life?  As with most Bible characters, both spouses have an assignment, a job, and a role to play that benefits both long range!  Both spouses and both roles are important to God.

We exist: not just to learn and experience (normally through the roles others play in their life); not just to do God’s purposes in some big cosmic plan; but also to play specific needed parts in the lives of others so as to make the learning and growing of those other people possible.  We all play all THREE roles in God’s overall plans and purposes.  Do you see it?

And some of the roles look rough to the actor and the audience.

—    —    —    —    —

AUG 13, 2018:  SECRET 10, REASONS    If God is nudging, warning, and giving us choices, why don't we hear Him?  I find three main reasons:

One, someone has trained you that God does not and cannot talk to us unless it is through the Bible.  Sorry, I can't help you, except to tell you that you are wrong.  You probably will drive to that Trade Tower unless God actually stops the car smack under you.  He can, but it IS testing Him.

Two, you have been taught to "not trust your feelings".  Here, maybe I can help you.  It is proper that one should be careful of trusting emotions and feelings, but God did give them to us, and here is one of those places where feelings can be useful.  Regardless if your thoughts originated internally or externally, thoughts NOT from God tend to have a similar feel to them.  They press down on you; they raise a fear and an anxiety that you will miss out and it will be too late unless you grab now.  They say you can’t help it; they drive you and raise your needs to a sharp, hard edge.  Must - drive - to - Tower!   They have either subtle tinges of unclean fear or hints of beckoning power and pleasure.

Thoughts, nudges, warnings, from God have a different "feel" to them.  They tend to be calm, authoritative, Fathering, even at times magnificent.  It is true that when the Father warns me, especially when the warning just seems to be Him asking me to do something other than what I have planned, it is often more than what I want to do.  But even in my trepidation (You want me to do what?) the Father’s requests feel proper, right, and correct at their core.  Can you relate to those feelings?

Most thoughts fit into one of two general camps.  Can you feel the difference in the two sides?  One is pushy, desperate, grasping, slick, or intensely needy; the other is Fatherly!  (I do hope you had a godly father.)  My experience is that even if I do manage to miss-hear God, that in acting tentatively AS IF it is unto Him, He winds up making it come out for my good.

Third, honesty time.  If you are at all like me, you will find in looking back at life that there were indeed nudges and warnings, but you really didn't WANT to listen!!!  Your own willfulness, your own desire to NOT listen became the legal opening for Satan, that allowed him to act.

Some died on 9-11 that DIDN'T need to.

—    —    —    —    —

AUG 6, 2018:  SECRET 10, NUDGES    If you go to various displays dealing with 9-11 you should notice some of the behind the scenes stories of those that DIDN'T die, but could have!  You will find an amazing variety of really weird stuff!  Premonitions; cars that for no reason wouldn't start; switched appointments; stupid mistakes; trains missed; I seem to remember there was even a fortuitous car accident.  This leads me to Secret 10.

10.  Many times disaster is avoidable, or at least escapable.  God cares enough to usually give an internal nudge or warning we can hear if we are willing to listen and have tuned in to expect it.

Just so you know I'm not smoking something funny, I should probably start with a few scriptural examples.  Noah was warned to build an ark.  A donkey was used to keep Balaam from being killed.  Abigail was used to prevent David from shedding innocent (sort of innocent) blood.  Mary and Joseph received numerous warnings in various forms.  Paul was initially prevented from going to Rome.  And of course the flip side is the dozens of times prophets specifically warned people, kings, and leaders NOT to do something, and they did anyways, often dying as a result!

Over the decades that I have walked with the Lord there have been numerous nudges to do, or not to do various things.  My ability to hear and obey isn't always as it should be, but I have to admit that the correctness of His nudges has been 100%.  In total, listen or not, they make a lie of the teaching that today God only speaks through the Bible.  And from what I can tell (back me up on this people), I am not unique on this.

So, unless it is our time to die, or we are specifically called to go through something, why don't we hear or notice more of the nudges?  Next week I will list a few of the reasons I have found, but till then:

The good problem with obedience is you often don't know what bullet you have dodged!

—    —    —    —    —

JUL 30, 2018:  SECRET 9, CONTINUED    That a particular nation will be making disastrous choices that will bring about the judgment of God upon that nation is already known to God — even as He pleads and offers the repentance that would change that judgment.  So, you then are forced to realize the assignment of a particular spirit into the piece of clay that will be called "Julie" who as a young girl will be molested, beaten, and murdered smack in the middle of that national judgment, is also not a surprise to God!  It would even seem - - gasp - - intentional - - ?

A natural human response is, "I don't want anything to do with a God who could do THAT to a child!"  Now, I know the nice Christian answers about a loving God, but I think I need to dig a lot deeper.  What are we missing?  Do we miss the boat even at: "do THAT to a child"?

Do what?  Is her death any worse than the thousands of other nasty deaths this planet has to offer?  How about the last 15 days of most terminal cancer patients, of any age, some struggling with ever increasing pain, or being doped up as organ after organ shuts down leaving the body craving in desperation for what will never again be?  Is that so much better than what God allowed for “Julie”?

If we stick to just children, how about: dying with a bloated belly of malnutrition; or dying in your Mother's arm, burning up with fever because the 45 cents for medicine isn't available in your country?  Or Angela struggling for 45 minutes to breath and pump blood when most of the regulatory circuits simply weren't even there?  Or a child slowly bleeding-out on the side of a road after an accident while arms and legs seem bent painfully unmovable at wrong angles?  I have news; this is a fallen world and the percentage of nice, clean, deaths after a full life, is low.  But that doesn't answer my question, does it?

It is hard to put into words, but it does seem that what we are really doing is ascribing a certain additional VALUE, which in a way is good, to children, and young ladies being free of particular types of nastiness.

So what's the balance?  It seems we must stay sensitive enough to lament the brutal and to us unnecessary loss; while at the same time yielding to the possibility that there may have been something about that rough, nasty, lot in life, that may have provided EXACTLY the opportunity necessary for that child's eternity.  Value for value.  Or their death may have provided for someone else’s eternity.  (And no, that yielding is not, to start with, much of a comfort.)  I am convinced that if we were privileged to dig into the details, child by child, story by story, we would be forced to confront, “so this was necessary"; "wow, I hadn't thought of that"; "now that is incredible"; "and she was willing to do that for..."; on and on in amazement at a God whose perspective is:

Thousands of years longer and deeper than ours.

—    —    —    —    —

JUL 23, 2018:  SECRET 9, JUSTICE WHILE JUDGING    Almost invariably when I am trying to share Jesus, someone will ask, "Well, what about the poor innocent children killed in (name the latest hot spot)?"  And it is almost always a red herring!  It isn't the real issue troubling them.  BUT I need to give the question some thought anyways!

9.  Somehow God manages to be total justice toward the individuals in a nation even while judging or blessing the nation as a whole.

In one sense this is a continuation of SECRET 8, about God treating nations and groups as if they were individuals, but I want to focus on children.  Let me start by reminding you of Angela.  She lived only 45 minutes, dying from a brain deformity diagnosed in the womb.  It is the only time this has ever happened to me, but God specifically told me that among other things, Angela came to learn what it felt like to be loved and prayed for in the womb!  Now THAT is theology blowing, but from God's perspective she did EXACTLY what she came to do!  Her assignment was complete!  And the 45 minutes was to allow closure!

Then there was the young lad who was a real escape artist.  At about age 2 he crawled out of a screened second floor window, rolled/slid down a porch roof, fell a bit over one floor into the back yard, then in nothing but his diaper and without a scratch on him he came around to the front of the house to be let back in.  He said that, "The God man caught me."  And I totally believe him!  There seem to be enough angels to cover EVERY child in the world, and they see the Father's face, so for His purposes they can step in!

There was the beautiful teenage girl who totally without warning died in the back seat of a car on the way to a fair from an undetected heart defect.  She had dreams and premonitions she would die young, as if God was preparing her.  And her death had a huge effect on hundreds of high school students from her area, just as she desired in life.

I have had the privilege of talking to a Mother, whose son died related to a drug overdose.  The Doctor pronounced him dead, but at the Lord's nudging she REFUSED to leave or stop praying.  It took a while, but to the Doctor's amazement the son came back to life.

Here are four totally different stories, with totally different endings; and I could tell more!  But the real question is: from these stories can we get a glimpse of how God looks at things?  I get the feeling His idea of being "just" to the nation and to the individual in the nation does not look like the typical human view of things!

Next time, His balance.

—    —    —    —    —

JUL 16, 2018:  SECRET 8, NATIONS LIKE PEOPLE    I didn't start exploring the truth of this law until I stopped to think about Daniel 10:13 "The prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days, but Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I was left there with the kings of Persia".

8.  Each nation, institution, congregation, group, and family has its own spiritual characteristics.  God deals with each group at each level as if it was an individual having its own blessing, calling, teaching, and He judges whole nations just as He does you.

I had to check.  Are there other places in the Bible where this idea is substantiated?  Yes!  Follow how God repeatedly deals with the insensitivity of all of Edom as it came from Esau; the characteristics of Moab and the Ammonites that resulted from Lot's daughters; the Canaanites from Ham; to this day you see those that came from Ishmael at each other's throats, a pride-vengeance culture; and on the good side are the Rechabites who obeyed Jonadad to not drink wine; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all of Israel that were sensitive to the Lord (yes it took a lot of remnants and training, but God saw the root was there).  And of course the Bible contains politically incorrect statements about: the lying nature of all Cretans; the blood thirsty nature of the Amalekites; and the despised half-bred mixed nature of Samaritans (where we are indeed given a description and verification in their origin).

So yes!  As I read the Bible the other nations and tribes are not just destroyed or ignored.  Each has its own story.  You would be amazed at how many will in the end have a remnant redeemed or restored.

I then looked at people, groups, and institutions around me.  Son of a gun, the Bible is still right!  In Exodus 34:7 God is "keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, but who will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children's children, to the third and the fourth generation."  When I looked at various families I saw it, the same good and the bad, the same forgiving, and the same visiting iniquity.  It isn't just genetic.  Like the Arab hatred of Israel, it is taught, it is passed down as part of their very being.  It is "right" because they know nothing else.

It does not matter if it's a backyard treehouse club with Calvin and Hobbes, a Woman's League church group in Des Moines, or a group of money laundering carbon credit trading bankers in Chicago, I am convinced each has a spirit. And might I guess that like angels at least 1/3rd of all groups or nations are fallen.  And the other 2/3rds need "testing" and stretching, just like you do.

Walk into the center on any group and just quietly observe.  The Lord will let you see their spirit if you ask.

—    —    —    —    —

JUL 9, 2018:  SECRET 7, LAST PASS    Last week I quickly said that downward responsibilities scales from God all the way down to boss or pastor.  For this last look at The Law of Scaling I need to look at the scalability of the upward response: respect, appreciation, attitude.  And yes, this is so important it needs a week of its own!

Let's start at the non-God end of the spectrum.  In the military one is taught they are saluting the position, the rank, not the person holding that rank.  What you are doing really is recognizing and acknowledging your position within a structure that is bigger than you are.  Even if you are screwed over by a real wacko Sergeant, if you keep your head, things have a way of working out.

In the secular world of business, one may ask what in the world our boss has to with upward response to God.  I mean, it's just a boss, right?  Wrong!  I had to learn the hard way that God is much more interested in prideful, self-righteous, rebelliousness, than He is in your being technically correct about the "wrongs" done to you.  I had to learn to figuratively "salute", outside of the military, within a whole different structure.  I had to learn to do my best for my boss as unto the Lord.  Did you hear that?  As unto the Lord!  Mentally I had to decide I WAS working for the Lord as I tried to make my boss look good.

"Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long, and that it may go well with you in the land that the LORD your God is giving you."  This is NOT easy for a seventeen year old (who knows everything), to do with parents who are outdated and seem to have turned as dumb as dirt.  But!  But if out of a respect for God a teen tries to give honor, it WILL build some subtle things into them that will profit them for the rest of their lives!

Wives submit to your husbands as unto the Lord.  Him?  That incompetent....  Yes, him.  Hidden someplace in the structure of your relationship God has given him, yes him, at least a partial vision of exactly what HE knows you need to work on for the sake of your eternity.  Telling your husband, "Who are you to tell me?" is the most amazingly effective way I know of to shut down God's best!  But that is exactly what Satan wants, isn't it?

Let's jump to a church.  Picture the president of the congregation.  He's there EVERY Sunday, at all the board meetings, raised the money for the new roof; everything is peachy, right?  Maybe, maybe not.  Is he a control freak; is everything out of duty and obligation; is he trying to earn his way to heaven?  We can't see the heart, but God can.  And the Widow's two small copper coins can weigh more than a Pharisees lifetime of doing.

See how the relationship details scale and differ all over the place?  From salutes, to work specification sheets, to honoring a curfew, to not getting defensive, to serving with a listening heart.

But the ATTITUDE God desires, has the same root at every level!

—    —    —    —    —

JUL 2, 2018:  SECRET 7, CONTINUED    The Law of Scaling has many pieces-parts.  Let's talk just a bit more about the individual — and murder!  The Bible is clear about it being wrong for an individual to willfully and intentionally take the life of another human being.  True, but what I then see is scripturally illiterate, progressive liberals, trying to cram that God given admonition, WITH NO SCALING, into a justification to abolish capital punishment!

The CONCEPT does scale up, God does hold nations responsible for murder!  BUT murder on the national scale is willfully, hatefully, greedily, and intentionally trying to take the life of another nation!  It is Hitler's Germany into Europe, starting with Austria.  And it certainly is the entire Arab world trying to destroy Israel!!!!

Capital Punishment can of course become a wrong; the Spanish Inquisition comes to mind.  But in our still 40% normal USA, the purpose of Capital Punishment should be the swift surgical removal of cancer cells!  It is not just allowed, it is specifically commanded to purge evil from your midst.  And it is to be done swiftly so all the people shall hear and fear and not act presumptuously.  Deuteronomy 19:11-13 says the state shall hand the murderer over to the executioner, so that he may die.  This is NOT murder, it is a nation aggressively removing cancer; murderers, rapists, and kidnappers are specifically included.  This is the nation having rights that are properly scaled up from those of an individual.

So much more could be said about how God judges nations "as if" they were individuals, each with its own spirit; and how God is just with individuals in the nation while judging the nation, but that simply is too big to handle here.  I need to switch to scaling plural-unities.  First let me list a few:


Each plural-unity should give godly insights into all the others — when properly scaled!  And yes, the concepts scale much easier than the details!  Each is equal AND unequal at the same time, while the details of the relationship obviously scale from God down to human sized; say boss-employee.  Each pair has mutual responsibilities that are similar in concept, but again different in the details.  For example: downward provision and covering will vary all the way from giving you life and breath; to parenting and providing; down to paying you on time.  Each must also contain a head and a body, although obviously the functionality between husband-wife has entirely different details than pastor-church.  Two headed entities, from multi-trunk trees, to two headed snakes, to marriages, die young.

Next week. The Scaling of Respect.

—    —    —    —    —

JUN 25, 2018:  SECRET 7, SCALING    After I give you this "law", I will need to explain how it scales from person up to nation.  Too many people over simplify and really screw up things like war, murder, and capital punishment.  And I see this one will also require several weeks, just because of its complexity.

7.  There is a law of scaling.  For example, what you see between parent and child also contains truth of God's salvation and dealing with the whole human race, with governments and nations, husband with wife, employer-employee, Rabbi and congregation, etc.

Our country, the most fanatically individualist in the world, has emphasized individual rights so strongly that the rights and responsibilities of the nation to protect and defend itself from destruction, moral or physical, has been thrown out the window.  The necessary degree of nationalism is being thrown out!  And people totally miss HOW the "law of scaling" should properly apply the God assigned responsibilities of an individual upward to the nation as a whole.  You can NOT just plug cherry picked individual rights and requirements into the nation!

Let’s start with an individual.  If he develops cancer, of ANY type, it is godly common sense that he will ask for healing and also do just about anything and everything to aggressively, and ruthlessly, destroy each and every cell possible to guarantee the long range health and integrity of the body as a whole.  Unfortunately this at times may even involve collateral damage to otherwise healthy cells and even organs.  And although we lament the collateral damage, nobody in their right mind protests the destruction of "Those poor cancer cells".  "We should be inclusive." "They have a right to survive."

In exactly the same way it is a God given right of the USA as a nation to pray for healing and remove in any way necessary, individuals, tumorous growths, or even significant parts of organs, that are cancerous and threaten the long range health and integrity of the nation as a whole.  Even with some collateral damage!  And that long range threat to the integrity of the nation, ether by an accumulation of individuals or by the growth of an organized structure or ideology, has just defined what cancer is at the national level.  But yet there are well intentioned progressive liberals that say the equivalent of, "Those poor cancer cells". "We should be inclusive."

Instead of scaling a godly concept of the rights of an individual UP TO the rights of a nation; they are trying to force their wrong, excessive, cherry picked, understanding of the right of an individual directly UPON our nation.  WITH NO SCALING!  They value the individual more than the nation!  Dumb!  If that is continued there will soon be no nation to give and protect those individual rights!

Cancers: MS-13; corrupt politicians, FBI, or UN; drug dealers and cartels; Sharia law in our Constitutional Republic; Socialism; floods of illegal immigrants that don't want to become Americans, but want entitlements and handouts that the average American doesn't have.  Get the picture?

—    —    —    —    —

JUN 18, 2018:  SECRET 6, A SUMMARY OF SORTS?    When I look honestly at "Image" I see three things most people ignore.  1. The dictionary definition focuses on the information projected by a light, past or through an object, onto a screen; not on the screen itself.  We are only the screen, not the information.  2. The original Hebrew pictures of the three letters "tz-l-m" at the root of the word image give a meaning that the image is for us to "catch - the authority - in the chaos".  This again focuses on the information, on God's doing, not on the clay object the information is projected unto.  3. The things modeled or imaged really are not about man, but about the PROCESS of how God is: desiring, rejecting, choosing, doing.  The process is Him, not us; that's what this life is about.

Without understanding what God is saying about Himself in His Image, that it is NOT good for Him to be alone, theologians totally screw up a lot of things.  They miss that the Christ is the Father's desire to not be alone now spoken and made manifest.  That leads to misunderstanding the nature and necessity of "begotten".  Theologians then also tend to propagate some very nice religious sounding things about God being eternally complete within Himself.  That is NOT what His Image says!  And this will bother some people, but that can lead to not understanding why Christ would want to be our Savior.  Dying for us was a needed expediency on the road to His main job of being the "rib", the head, the focal point, around which and upon which the Father is slowly building His companion!  That's what this is about.

Your choices are not God versus you as your own god.  It is: will you learn to yield and flow with Christ as your Lord, Husband, and Head, or not?  Read Ezekiel 16:4-34 about God raising an infant to be a wife, but her choosing against Him.  Like a faithful wife, there MUST be an "I do", a choice, and a learning to flow and yield.  That's what this life offers for all of us.

God desiring a companion is neither metaphor or allusion.  It isn't exactly prescriptive either.  It is a specific statement, found in His carefully engraved Image, that the Father is saying about Himself through a physical model.  It is not good for the Father to be alone!  Therefore, it is motive, PROCESS, and within modeling accuracy of being perfectly descriptive!  Remember, no other image, carved, formed, molded, shaped, cast, anything, is allowed!  Like it or not THIS IS THE ONLY ALLOWED IMAGE, because He specifically made it.  That's what this life is about.

The Father God COULD NOT be to Himself the companion He desired for Himself in eternity.  That is what is behind the Christ being begotten, the Image, the covenant He cut with Abram, the sacrifice of Isaac, the redemption, the Christ as “rib” and focal point, the new earth, EVERYTHING.  Getting what He wanted from the beginning is being proved by all of God’s actions to be one HUGE motivator.  I'm not sure, but I think it tells me something else about God.  All His actions say He really is LOVE; He doesn't have to create it, His doings define it!

That's what this life is about!

—    —    —    —    —

JUN 11, 2018:  SECRET 6, CONTINUED    There is a LOT that can be learned ABOUT God from God's one and ONLY allowed Image of Himself (e.g. what in the spiritual realm was not a fit for Him?  Or that He would use part of Himself to build His companion on!)  But I chose to focus on His motivation, and on Him modeling in Adam that it was "not good for HIM to be alone", with the idea that it would lead to a more practical, less theological, understanding of what God is doing in your specific life right NOW!  That means my summation of your comments will need to wait one more week.

So, per God's Image, what motivated Adam to say, "Now that is bone of my bone"?  Intelligent tests or a psychological profile of Eve?  MBTI?  Net worth?  No, it was very gut level.  Almost totally sensory and visual!  Judging from observation I would sum it up as man being hard wired to respond to: hormones, pheromones, curves, curves in motion, pairs of round things with cracks, crevasses, or valleys between them, body language, and eyes that looked back into you.  I am NOT saying that man, or God, doesn't sometimes apply a somewhat more sophisticated method of discernment as things progress, but NEVER forget there was great intentionality on God's part to model and record His desire as, "He is bringing her to the human" naked.

The Bible pretty well establishes that God is NOT impressed with the clay we are in being big, small, tall, short, intelligent, simple, $uccessful, poor, male, female, young, old, or any of our works.  SO, what is our spiritual equivalent of "naked" before God?  Then here is the real question.  Without getting all religious sounding on me, what exactly is the Father's spiritual equivalent to Adam's very gut level visual approach?  From the Bible, what smells, moves, and "looks good" to HIM?

Genesis 2:20  "helper" a second perspective
Genesis 3:8  walking, talking, reasoning with us
Genesis 4:4  Able's attitude of offering
Genesis 8:21  pleasing aroma (43 references)
Genesis 13:14  trust word not things
Genesis 17:9  Abraham training family after him
Genesis 22:15  obedience
Genesis 24:67  a comfort (Proverbs: intoxicated)
Genesis 25:34  sensitivity: Esau versus Jacob
Proverbs 3:5  trust with all your heart
Proverbs 9:10  fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom
Ezekiel 18:9  walk in statutes
Ezekiel 18:9  acting faithfully
Ezekial 36:26-27  a new heart and a new spirit...
    that moves you to follow decrees and keep laws
Habakkuk 2:4 live by faith
Acts 13:22  man after my heart (quick to confess)

This is just a partial list, but I would sum up the "nakedness" as an open, honesty, about exactly what we are, and are not, deep inside as we present ourselves before God — here I am, like Rebekah off my camel with empty hands.  I hate to "spiritualize", but the smell seems to be the aroma found in us purposely offering us to the Lord (and I find we can be a stench to those that are perishing).  The curves and motion seems to always always always be the little acts of obedience, the things that stretch and test us.  And the body language comes through loud and clear in our attitude, our "rights" versus His Lordship.  Seems like God really does want us brought in like Eve!

That naked beauty is what He is trying to work into us.  That is the answer to what God is doing in your specific life right NOW!  That is what we should look like with the clay stripped off.  He is trying to make you look, smell, and move in a way that pleases Him.  Some great lessons here for wives, and for husbands.

Some people think life is to "Glorify God".  Well, to Glorify God is NOT all about holy, religious sounding stuff, but it is to show His Rightness in choosing to do what He did.  Remember He seems to have gone against the grain in the spiritual realm!  So, the nuts and bolts of showing His Rightness is yielding to being parent-husbanded by a Father God.  Think less spiritualization and more simple obedience, trusting, appreciating, and offering yourself to Him.

That's what His Image says life is about!

—    —    —    —    —

JUN 4, 2018:  SECRET 6, IMAGE    This "Secret" is probably the most important, most missed, and most misunderstood Secret in my whole list!  I see I will need to spend at least two weeks on it.  It is the basis for what God has given me to share.

6.  To understand that God does not want to be alone is to add understanding to ALL things.

I will not bore you with my statistical studies into 83,000 Myers Briggs Type Indicator test results, or the findings that they cycle in a bi-modal sinusoidal fashion through the year, but I will give you a general bottom line observation.  For ANY action or profession, from being an actor, a pastor, to stripping for Playboy, there are at least two general separate motivational character profiles attracted to that action or profession, and two other general character profiles against being part of that action or profession.  Understanding what motivates a person, and what went into that motivation (for or against a particular action) can be VERY useful if you are hiring them, voting for them, befriending them, trying to avoid them, or looking for a mate.

And the fact that there are at least two separate motivational patterns that can lead to almost the same outcome is VERY important.  You may think a person has a lot in common with a particular trait/outcome you are looking for, but find out later that in reality they are working off of an entirely different script!  Oh, and just in case you missed it, I have just implied that you also need to know what motivates you.  It isn't just the end result, what script are you working off of to get there?

Great, but what does that have to do with God or the price of coffee?  Well, it seems God wanted to give us, right-smack from the beginning, an insight to His motivation.  (By the way, I love that right-smack expression; we are like an infant in delivery, before the invention of modern resuscitation equipment, given a smack on the bottom right at birth to get us breathing because we are having problems.)  "Let us make man in our Image."  Smack!  This is the ONLY allowed Image, so this is about what HE wants, IT'S NOT ABOUT US!  And too many theologians ignore that.  This is about it not being good for HIM to be alone!  This is HIM wanting a special creation and using the physical to as closely as possible model HIS desires.  This is about HIS easily available spiritual options NOT being a fit.  This is about HIM wanting a companion who looks gooood to HIM!  This is about HIM wanting a "second perspective" helper.  This is WHY Christ was begotten, and about Christ being the only "rib" upon which and around which that special companion is being built.  It says HE will leave and look differently at certain things to have us.  And HE will cling to us, always keeping in the back of HIS mind the thought of entering the door of HIS own tent!  Us!

Smack!  If you miss this you totally miss what God is trying to do with you.  He is motivated by not wanting to be alone to Parent-Husband a companion.  And the bottom line of His full disclosure Image?

We are to be a companion created for His desire and pleasure!

—    —    —    —    —

MAY 28, 2018:  SECRET 5, JESUS    Here is the one about Jesus, that I said we would look into because it may shed light on our eternity past.  I will give it to you, then a list of O.T. scriptures that point to some of what He would be and do.

5.  There are scripture hints that set a precedent of Jesus coming, knowing, and agreeing to the specific purposes for his life. That precedence allows for the possibility of the spirit which is now you also participating with God in picking the life, lessons, and lot you were put into.

Psalm 16:8-11   not abandoned in Sheol
Psalm 22:1-31   why have you forsaken me
Psalm 118:22-24   stone rejected
Isaiah 61:1-2   anointed to bring good news
Isaiah 7:14   virgin shall conceive
Daniel 9:24-27   year of birth set
Isaiah 52:13–53:12   appearance was so marred
Deuteronomy 18:15-19   prophet like Moses
Zechariah 12:10   see one who they have pierced
Malachi 4:5-6   send you spirit of Elijah (John)
Zechariah 9:9   mounted on donkey
Hosea 11:1   called out of Egypt
Psalm 2:1-12   kings against His anointed
Zechariah 11:12-13   thirty pieces of silver
Daniel 7:13-14   son of man given dominion
Genesis 22:1-18   sacrifice your son for me
Exodus 12:1-51   take a lamb
Numbers 24:17   a star shall come out of Jacob
Micah 5:2   from Bethlehem one who will rule
Psalm 110:1-4   Lord says to my Lord
2 Samuel 7:12-16   establish throne forever
Isaiah 9:6-7   child is born, government on shoulder
Malachi 3:1   messenger suddenly come to his temple
Genesis 49:10   scepter shall not depart from Judah
Psalm 118:25-29   save us now, bind with cords
Genesis 3:15   enmity between you and the woman
Genesis 12:3   in you earth blessed
Numbers 21:6-9   set it on a pole, see and live
Ruth 4:4-9   if you don't redeem, I will
Psalm 69   righteous suffer
Isaiah 9:1-2   light shone in Galilee
Isaiah 11:1   a branch (Naz) from Jesse
Isaiah 53:3   despised and rejected
Isaiah 35:5-6   heal blind, deaf, mute
Isaiah 40:3-5   voice cry in wilderness
Isaiah 42:1-6   spirit upon him
Jeremiah 31:15   Rachel weeping for children

If you include all the "types" and patterns set by the Levitical sacrifices, Joseph, Isaac, etc. the list would be huge.  The point is that an awful lot was known and agreed to by Christ beforehand.  So, what does that have to do with us?

From the beginning God has had a long range vision of what He wants in a companion.  Therefore, the Christ was begotten, earth was created and inhabited, man was specifically created so as to be the Image of what God was doing, Jesus was sent to redeem, and Jesus Christ became the "rib" upon which and around which the Father's special companion would be built.  It was always ALL ABOUT US FOR HIM!  It is impossible to separate the vision for the Christ from the vision for the companion, or the specifics of what the Christ was to do from the specifics of what we as a race need to do, experience, learn, and become so as to wrap around that "rib".  It is for this reason that I strongly suggest that the details for what we as a race must learn aren't significantly less known than what is listed for Christ; and are probably a scaled down version of the obedience Jesus had to learn!  He is the first among brothers.

Christ then sets a precedent that allows for the spirit which is now you, to also have agreed with God in picking the life, lessons, and lot you were put into.  And YES —

Walking it out feels a lot harder than agreeing to it!

—    —    —    —    —

MAY 21, 2018:  SECRET 4, LESSONS    This Secret is an extension of lasts week's "life boat" lessons.  It is a list of the "What" that we are given the opportunity to learn from life.

4.  The lessons are in love, forgiveness, trust, submitting, leading others, gentleness of spirit, charity toward self and others, having a listening seeking heart, and understanding the COST of obedience.

But if you think about it for a bit, that list is actually how those lessons should "feel" and "look" AFTER we have learned them!  So, for the moment I need to get a bit darker on you.  Sorry, it's necessary.

Job got bombed to teach Satan, you, I, and Job various lessons.  Lot's wife gets turned to salt because she didn't obey.  Jacob spent decades with Laban as God slowly removed "the schemer" from him.  Naomi loses land, husband, two sons, and one daughter-in-law before God gets what He wants.  Rahab loses city, business, and the only society she had ever known before marrying Salmon.  Samson died blind as the roof collapsed on him.  David had to spend a decade fleeing for his life from a half-mad Saul before being made king.  Uriah's death seemed to be required so Israel could eventually have Solomon, but that didn't make him any less dead.  And of course Jesus had to put up with his disciples and die on a cross to learn the cost of obedience.

Nice, bright, uplifting list!  Right?  None of these lives I just mentioned were a walk in the park.  None of them!  All of them, and it seems all of us, need to GO THROUGH actual experiences in order to earn/learn, really own, those lessons of: love, forgiveness, trust, submitting, leading others, gentleness of spirit, charity toward self and others, having a listening seeking heart, and the COST of obedience.  It seems there is real spiritual truth to the expression, "No pain, no gain.”

The reward better be good 'cause the road ain't easy.

Oh, and I trust Him anyways.

—    —    —    —    —

MAY 14, 2018:  SECRET 3, LIFE BOAT

3.  We are all in the same ‘life boat’ to learn similar lessons.  The lessons are mostly ones of attitude and are very similar if you own a company or sweep the floors.  They are designed to "allow you the opportunity to learn to submit joyfully to both the authority and the fellowship of God AND those He has put over, under, and around you.

There are many ways to describe what life is all about, simply because God is doing multiple things at once and there are numerous ways to look at them.  The above definition emphasizing "authority and fellowship", is about learning to deal with over-under, head-body, equal-unequal, fellow servant relationships pictured below and containing roughly five different lessons:


BUT there is a whole different way to categorize life.  A bigger view, more from the Lord's perspective.  It says you are here to do three things:

1. Learn and experience (normally through the roles others play in your life), the five lessons above.  You’re the center of the universe, but all done for and to you eventually is added to and for Him!

2. Play a part in God’s purposes in some big cosmic plan.  Being one little cog.  But like Ruth you may not have one clue what is going on that will lead to Jesus!

3. Play specific needed parts in the lives of others so as to make the learning and growing of those other people possible.  Christ's hands! and feet!  They are also the center of God's interest!

So, no matter how you slice it, there are many reasons why you are here!  Some for you, some for Him!

Whatever is needed for eternity, is provided.

—    —    —    —    —

MAY 7, 2018:  SECRET 2, SPIRIT PICTURE    This Secret is deceptively short.  What I am going to do is give it to you, and then paint a hypothetical backstory to go along with the idea.  I do NOT claim the picture is 100% accurate, but it is a Thought-Provoker consistent with a precedent set by Jesus.  It is designed to slightly change and hopefully improve your perspective on life.  We will look at that Jesus-precedent in some detail when we get to Secret 5.

2.  You do have both a soul and a spirit.  Part of you is indeed eternal and has been around longer than you think.  You have much to say in what comes of that part.

Picture someplace way back in time, back when the spirit that is/will be you was still "one-formed at-within" the back of God's mind.  That is what the original Hebrew picture letters of Zechariah 12:1 say.  God then can already see the unique "you" He would like you to become in eternity.  So then, imagine God taking your spirit aside several hundred years ago and saying, "I see several choices of lives, genetics, and environments coming up that will nicely do the job of teaching you what I already know you will need for eternity.  I suggest this one; will you accept the assignment?"

We accept.  Or, who knows, perhaps we are even allowed to opt for one of the alternatives, thinking it might be easier.  But whatever, here is this slot in time where much of the "circumstances" are known, and you, the spiritual you, slip into it to see what you will do with it!  Life is an opportunity to learn flowing with and trusting in the Lord exactly when He has fixed it so almost nobody remembers the assignment!  If we remembered, it would be much harder to take our role in life seriously!

The opportunity has been given.
Now, will you trust God as you walk in it?

—    —    —    —    —

APR 30, 2018:  SECRETS OF LIFE 1    Some years ago I decided that I needed to compile a list of wisdom.  Such little as I might know.  I mean, why should I as a Christian have to trudge up a mountain to ask some guru about anything.  I came up with 32 "secrets", of various degrees of relevance, which I will BLOG on here, taking one at a time and expanding on them a bit.  Some, in their original abbreviated form (so as to fit them all on one piece of paper) were of necessity a bit cryptic.  Here goes.

1.  There are few coincidence.  There is a God who has arranged much for you to learn from IF you flow with it instead of fighting it or choosing against it.  But, He does not arrange every little thing; knowing what will happen is NOT the same as making it happen.  And don't try to find meaning in every little thing, because some things are neutral, chance, optional, and totally your free choice!

This will sound peculiar to some of you, but I suspect that at least half of God's doing is NOT arranging things ahead of time, BUT adjusting how the things that do happen are "counted" or "worded" to our eternity depending on how we react to those circumstance.  You should know with every fiber of your being that turning even the worst of life's disasters over to God equals Victory!  God specifically then takes responsibility to make it come out for our eternal good.  Even if it was Satan trying to knock your lights out!

Conversely, even if God carefully and out of love for us specifically arranges a lesson we desperately need, and we reject it, it will end up being counted as one more bit of road on the path to judgment.

—    —    —    —    —

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