Those that
don't learn
from history
are destined
to repeat it!

You see
things that
are spiritually
tend to repeat
and to ring

like a bell
getting ever



JUN 11, 2018:  SECRET 6, CONTINUED    There is a LOT that can be learned ABOUT God from God's one and ONLY allowed Image of Himself (e.g. what in the spiritual realm was not a fit for Him?  Or that He would use part of Himself to build His companion on!)  But I chose to focus on His motivation, and on Him modeling in Adam that it was "not good for HIM to be alone", with the idea that it would lead to a more practical, less theological, understanding of what God is doing in your specific life right NOW!  That means my summation of your comments will need to wait one more week.

So, per God's Image, what motivated Adam to say, "Now that is bone of my bone"?  Intelligent tests or a psychological profile of Eve?  MBTI?  Net worth?  No, it was very gut level.  Almost totally sensory and visual!  Judging from observation I would sum it up as man being hard wired to respond to: hormones, pheromones, curves, curves in motion, pairs of round things with cracks, crevasses, or valleys between them, body language, and eyes that looked back into you.  I am NOT saying that man, or God, doesn't sometimes apply a somewhat more sophisticated method of discernment as things progress, but NEVER forget there was great intentionality on God's part to model and record His desire as, "He is bringing her to the human" naked.

The Bible pretty well establishes that God is NOT impressed with the clay we are in being big, small, tall, short, intelligent, simple, $uccessful, poor, male, female, young, old, or any of our works.  SO, what is our spiritual equivalent of "naked" before God?  Then here is the real question.  Without getting all religious sounding on me, what exactly is the Father's spiritual equivalent to Adam's very gut level visual approach?  From the Bible, what smells, moves, and "looks good" to HIM?

Genesis 2:20  "helper" a second perspective
Genesis 3:8  walking, talking, reasoning with us
Genesis 4:4  Able's attitude of offering
Genesis 8:21  pleasing aroma (43 references)
Genesis 13:14  trust word not things
Genesis 17:9  Abraham training family after him
Genesis 22:15  obedience
Genesis 24:67  a comfort (Proverbs: intoxicated)
Genesis 25:34  sensitivity: Esau versus Jacob
Proverbs 3:5  trust with all your heart
Proverbs 9:10  fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom
Ezekiel 18:9  walk in statutes
Ezekiel 18:9  acting faithfully
Ezekial 36:26-27  a new heart and a new spirit...
    that moves you to follow decrees and keep laws
Habakkuk 2:4 live by faith
Acts 13:22  man after my heart (quick to confess)

This is just a partial list, but I would sum up the "nakedness" as an open, honesty, about exactly what we are, and are not, deep inside as we present ourselves before God — here I am, like Rebekah off my camel with empty hands.  I hate to "spiritualize", but the smell seems to be the aroma found in us purposely offering us to the Lord (and I find we can be a stench to those that are perishing).  The curves and motion seems to always always always be the little acts of obedience, the things that stretch and test us.  And the body language comes through loud and clear in our attitude, our "rights" versus His Lordship.  Seems like God really does want us brought in like Eve!

That naked beauty is what He is trying to work into us.  That is the answer to what God is doing in your specific life right NOW!  That is what we should look like with the clay stripped off.  He is trying to make you look, smell, and move in a way that pleases Him.  Some great lessons here for wives, and for husbands.

Some people think life is to "Glorify God".  Well, to Glorify God is NOT all about holy, religious sounding stuff, but it is to show His Rightness in choosing to do what He did.  Remember He seems to have gone against the grain in the spiritual realm!  So, the nuts and bolts of showing His Rightness is yielding to being parent-husbanded by a Father God.  Think less spiritualization and more simple obedience, trusting, appreciating, and offering yourself to Him.

That's what His Image says life is about!

—    —    —    —    —

JUN 4, 2018:  SECRET 6    This "Secret" is probably the most important, most missed, and most misunderstood Secret in my whole list!  I see I will need to spend at least two weeks on it.  It is the basis for what God has given me to share.

6.  To understand that God does not want to be alone is to add understanding to ALL things.

I will not bore you with my statistical studies into 83,000 Myers Briggs Type Indicator test results, or the findings that they cycle in a bi-modal sinusoidal fashion through the year, but I will give you a general bottom line observation.  For ANY action or profession, from being an actor, a pastor, to stripping for Playboy, there are at least two general separate motivational character profiles attracted to that action or profession, and two other general character profiles against being part of that action or profession.  Understanding what motivates a person, and what went into that motivation (for or against a particular action) can be VERY useful if you are hiring them, voting for them, befriending them, trying to avoid them, or looking for a mate.

And the fact that there are at least two separate motivational patterns that can lead to almost the same outcome is VERY important.  You may think a person has a lot in common with a particular trait/outcome you are looking for, but find out later that in reality they are working off of an entirely different script!  Oh, and just in case you missed it, I have just implied that you also need to know what motivates you.  It isn't just the end result, what script are you working off of to get there?

Great, but what does that have to do with God or the price of coffee?  Well, it seems God wanted to give us, right-smack from the beginning, an insight to His motivation.  (By the way, I love that right-smack expression; we are like an infant in delivery, before the invention of modern resuscitation equipment, given a smack on the bottom right at birth to get us breathing because we are having problems.)  "Let us make man in our Image."  Smack!  This is the ONLY allowed Image, so this is about what HE wants, IT'S NOT ABOUT US!  And too many theologians ignore that.  This is about it not being good for HIM to be alone!  This is HIM wanting a special creation and using the physical to as closely as possible model HIS desires.  This is about HIS easily available spiritual options NOT being a fit.  This is about HIM wanting a companion who looks gooood to HIM!  This is about HIM wanting a "second perspective" helper.  This is WHY Christ was begotten, and about Christ being the only "rib" upon which and around which that special companion is being built.  It says HE will leave and look differently at certain things to have us.  And HE will cling to us, always keeping in the back of HIS mind the thought of entering the door of HIS own tent!  Us!

Smack!  If you miss this you totally miss what God is trying to do with you.  He is motivated by not wanting to be alone to Parent-Husband a companion.  And the bottom line of His full disclosure Image?

We are to be a companion created for His desire and pleasure!

—    —    —    —    —

MAY 28, 2018:  SECRET 5    Here is the one about Jesus, that I said we would look into because it may shed light on our eternity past.  I will give it to you, then a list of O.T. scriptures that point to some of what He would be and do.

5.  There are scripture hints that set a precedent of Jesus coming, knowing, and agreeing to the specific purposes for his life. That precedence allows for the possibility of the spirit which is now you also participating with God in picking the life, lessons, and lot you were put into.

Psalm 16:8-11   not abandoned in Sheol
Psalm 22:1-31   why have you forsaken me
Psalm 118:22-24   stone rejected
Isaiah 61:1-2   anointed to bring good news
Isaiah 7:14   virgin shall conceive
Daniel 9:24-27   year of birth set
Isaiah 52:13–53:12   appearance was so marred
Deuteronomy 18:15-19   prophet like Moses
Zechariah 12:10   see one who they have pierced
Malachi 4:5-6   send you spirit of Elijah (John)
Zechariah 9:9   mounted on donkey
Hosea 11:1   called out of Egypt
Psalm 2:1-12   kings against His anointed
Zechariah 11:12-13   thirty pieces of silver
Daniel 7:13-14   son of man given dominion
Genesis 22:1-18   sacrifice your son for me
Exodus 12:1-51   take a lamb
Numbers 24:17   a star shall come out of Jacob
Micah 5:2   from Bethlehem one who will rule
Psalm 110:1-4   Lord says to my Lord
2 Samuel 7:12-16   establish throne forever
Isaiah 9:6-7   child is born, government on shoulder
Malachi 3:1   messenger suddenly come to his temple
Genesis 49:10   scepter shall not depart from Judah
Psalm 118:25-29   save us now, bind with cords
Genesis 3:15   enmity between you and the woman
Genesis 12:3   in you earth blessed
Numbers 21:6-9   set it on a pole, see and live
Ruth 4:4-9   if you don't redeem, I will
Psalm 69   righteous suffer
Isaiah 9:1-2   light shone in Galilee
Isaiah 11:1   a branch (Naz) from Jesse
Isaiah 53:3   despised and rejected
Isaiah 35:5-6   heal blind, deaf, mute
Isaiah 40:3-5   voice cry in wilderness
Isaiah 42:1-6   spirit upon him
Jeremiah 31:15   Rachel weeping for children

If you include all the "types" and patterns set by the Levitical sacrifices, Joseph, Isaac, etc. the list would be huge.  The point is that an awful lot was known and agreed to by Christ beforehand.  So, what does that have to do with us?

From the beginning God has had a long range vision of what He wants in a companion.  Therefore, the Christ was begotten, earth was created and inhabited, man was specifically created so as to be the Image of what God was doing, Jesus was sent to redeem, and Jesus Christ became the "rib" upon which and around which the Father's special companion would be built.  It was always ALL ABOUT US FOR HIM!  It is impossible to separate the vision for the Christ from the vision for the companion, or the specifics of what the Christ was to do from the specifics of what we as a race need to do, experience, learn, and become so as to wrap around that "rib".  It is for this reason that I strongly suggest that the details for what we as a race must learn aren't significantly less known than what is listed for Christ; and are probably a scaled down version of the obedience Jesus had to learn!  He is the first among brothers.

Christ then sets a precedent that allows for the spirit which is now you, to also have agreed with God in picking the life, lessons, and lot you were put into.  And YES —

Walking it out feels a lot harder than agreeing to it!

—    —    —    —    —

MAY 21, 2018:  SECRET 4    This Secret is an extension of lasts week's "life boat" lessons.  It is a list of the "What" that we are given the opportunity to learn from life.

4.  The lessons are in love, forgiveness, trust, submitting, leading others, gentleness of spirit, charity toward self and others, having a listening seeking heart, and understanding the COST of obedience.

But if you think about it for a bit, that list is actually how those lessons should "feel" and "look" AFTER we have learned them!  So, for the moment I need to get a bit darker on you.  Sorry, it's necessary.

Job got bombed to teach Satan, you, I, and Job various lessons.  Lot's wife gets turned to salt because she didn't obey.  Jacob spent decades with Laban as God slowly removed "the schemer" from him.  Naomi loses land, husband, two sons, and one daughter-in-law before God gets what He wants.  Rahab loses city, business, and the only society she had ever known before marrying Salmon.  Samson died blind as the roof collapsed on him.  David had to spend a decade fleeing for his life from a half-mad Saul before being made king.  Uriah's death seemed to be required so Israel could eventually have Solomon, but that didn't make him any less dead.  And of course Jesus had to put up with his disciples and die on a cross to learn the cost of obedience.

Nice, bright, uplifting list!  Right?  None of these lives I just mentioned were a walk in the park.  None of them!  All of them, and it seems all of us, need to GO THROUGH actual experiences in order to earn/learn, really own, those lessons of: love, forgiveness, trust, submitting, leading others, gentleness of spirit, charity toward self and others, having a listening seeking heart, and the COST of obedience.  It seems there is real spiritual truth to the expression, "No pain, no gain.”

The reward better be good 'cause the road ain't easy.

Oh, and I trust Him anyways.

—    —    —    —    —

MAY 14, 2018:  SECRET 3

3.  We are all in the same ‘life boat’ to learn similar lessons.  The lessons are mostly ones of attitude and are very similar if you own a company or sweep the floors.  They are designed to "allow you the opportunity to learn to submit joyfully to both the authority and the fellowship of God AND those He has put over, under, and around you.

There are many ways to describe what life is all about, simply because God is doing multiple things at once and there are numerous ways to look at them.  The above definition emphasizing "authority and fellowship", is about learning to deal with over-under, head-body, equal-unequal, fellow servant relationships pictured below and containing roughly five different lessons:


BUT there is a whole different way to categorize life.  A bigger view, more from the Lord's perspective.  It says you are here to do three things:

1. Learn and experience (normally through the roles others play in your life), the five lessons above.  You’re the center of the universe, but all done for and to you eventually is added to and for Him!

2. Play a part in God’s purposes in some big cosmic plan.  Being one little cog.  But like Ruth you may not have one clue what is going on that will lead to Jesus!

3. Play specific needed parts in the lives of others so as to make the learning and growing of those other people possible.  Christ's hands! and feet!  They are also the center of God's interest!

So, no matter how you slice it, there are many reasons why you are here!  Some for you, some for Him!

Whatever is needed for eternity, is provided.

—    —    —    —    —

MAY 7, 2018:  SECRET 2    This Secret is deceptively short.  What I am going to do is give it to you, and then paint a hypothetical backstory to go along with the idea.  I do NOT claim the picture is 100% accurate, but it is a Thought-Provoker consistent with a precedent set by Jesus.  It is designed to slightly change and hopefully improve your perspective on life.  We will look at that Jesus-precedent in some detail when we get to Secret 5.

2.  You do have both a soul and a spirit.  Part of you is indeed eternal and has been around longer than you think.  You have much to say in what comes of that part.

Picture someplace way back in time, back when the spirit that is/will be you was still "one-formed at-within" the back of God's mind.  That is what the original Hebrew picture letters of Zechariah 12:1 say.  God then can already see the unique "you" He would like you to become in eternity.  So then, imagine God taking your spirit aside several hundred years ago and saying, "I see several choices of lives, genetics, and environments coming up that will nicely do the job of teaching you what I already know you will need for eternity.  I suggest this one; will you accept the assignment?"

We accept.  Or, who knows, perhaps we are even allowed to opt for one of the alternatives, thinking it might be easier.  But whatever, here is this slot in time where much of the "circumstances" are known, and you, the spiritual you, slip into it to see what you will do with it!  Life is an opportunity to learn flowing with and trusting in the Lord exactly when He has fixed it so almost nobody remembers the assignment!  If we remembered, it would be much harder to take our role in life seriously!

The opportunity has been given.
Now, will you trust God as you walk in it?

—    —    —    —    —

APR 30, 2018:  SECRETS OF LIFE    Some years ago I decided that I needed to compile a list of wisdom.  Such little as I might know.  I mean, why should I as a Christian have to trudge up a mountain to ask some guru about anything.  I came up with 32 "secrets", of various degrees of relevance, which I will BLOG on here, taking one at a time and expanding on them a bit.  Some, in their original abbreviated form (so as to fit them all on one piece of paper) were of necessity a bit cryptic.  Here goes.

1.  There are few coincidence.  There is a God who has arranged much for you to learn from IF you flow with it instead of fighting it or choosing against it.  But, He does not arrange every little thing; knowing what will happen is NOT the same as making it happen.  And don't try to find meaning in every little thing, because some things are neutral, chance, optional, and totally your free choice!

This will sound peculiar to some of you, but I suspect that at least half of God's doing is NOT arranging things ahead of time, BUT adjusting how the things that do happen are "counted" or "worded" to our eternity depending on how we react to those circumstance.  You should know with every fiber of your being that turning even the worst of life's disasters over to God equals Victory!  God specifically then takes responsibility to make it come out for our eternal good.  Even if it was Satan trying to knock your lights out!

Conversely, even if God carefully and out of love for us specifically arranges a lesson we desperately need, and we reject it, it will end up being counted as one more bit of road on the path to judgment.

Our response outweighs the circumstance.

—    —    —    —    —

APR 23, 2018:  BIBLE SECRETS, A COROLLARY    I have just explained how the Bible was written like a Matrix Associative Memory using word pictures.  How the Spirit can then layer those pieces-parts together in your mind for a fuller understanding of whatever concept you specifically need at any point in your growth and walk with Him.  And how God uses circular thinking!  Well here is a corollary to all that.

If you have NOT yet provided material for the Spirit to use by not having read and re-read the whole Bible numerous times, two things are likely to happen.  I need to make you aware of both.

First, the Spirit will use what He can that is all around you!  A word on a billboard here, a sentence on the radio there, a headline or thought from a magazine article, an overheard snatch of conversation, somebodies’ FB post, maybe even a thought out of a sermon that seems specifically for you.  I am convinced that the Holy Spirit will highlight the point or points you specifically need to see from the things around you IF you are smart enough to listen!

Look around.  Is there anything that is right there in your face (that you just don't quite want to listen to)?  Let it penetrate.  The Lord has your eternal best in mind.

Second, because the sources (I mean, a billboard???  A sentence on the radio???) are much more questionable than the Bible, the thing the Spirit is trying to show you can be much easier to ignore — OR get wrong!  So, what do you do?  How do you test the idea once you think it is from Him?  One thing I suggest is filling in the blanks!  Make a list of words related to what you think the Lord is trying to show you; do a computer or concordance Bible search of those words to find every scripture verse or paragraph related to the subject; save the pertinent ones (not the casual mentions) to a file or notebook; read through that whole collection several times; do NOT presume an answer; THEN let the Spirit show you what you should have had if you had read the whole Bible!

You would be amazed what He can do.

—    —    —    —    —

APR 16, 2018:  BIBLE SECRETS 5    Last week I explained that God could reveal Himself to Israel because it was the first, or preeminent family to open itself to that revealing; and because it was the preeminent family to open itself, God could reveal Himself to them so they would in turn be the first to reveal Him to others.  This was circular thinking!  But is that the only example of circular thinking in the Bible?  Is it typical?

A Few Other Examples!

The people understood and practiced blood covenant, so God used blood covenant in ALL His dealings with the human race; and because He consistently used covenant we should understand and accept the concept of covenant.

God loved Israel because He loved Israel; and because He loved Israel there were things about Israel He loved.  (Husbands, are you listening?  Your love for your wife needs to be the same type of circular decision to love.)

The most important human role in the Bible, being a father-husband, absolutely requires the circular thinking of acting "as if" and "so that".  And this needs to be towards not just your children, but your wife as well.  And it in turn images what God is, does, and wants.

By believing in and agreeing with the whole priesthood and sacrificial lamb system that God set up, the people WERE forgiven; and by feeling and knowing His forgiveness they believed in the system He purposely set up.  (Setting the pattern for Jesus!)

By deciding to flow with God's plans and doings I have already become part of those plans and doings; and because I am part of God's purposes the whole of God's doing tries to participate with me!!!  (That one is rather huge; I don't know if you will be able to get your mind around it.)

So, a God who is everywhen, has written a pictorial book with the concepts distributed throughout the whole book, with loose ends tied up over hundreds of years, and full of circular thinking.  It is extremely sophisticated in its simplicity.

It looks like Jesus was right again about being
child-like in your faith.

—    —    —    —    —

APR 9, 2018:  BIBLE SECRETS 4    Greek abstract thinking and logic is held up by some as the apex!  The structure against which all else is judged.  So, circular thinking is deeply despised as being immature, incomplete, and contrary to Greek linear logic; and emotional appeals are worse than useless.  But guess what?

In Deuteronomy 7:7-8, where it talks about God loving or "choosing" Israel not because they are great, God is basically saying of Israel, "I love you because I love you".  This sounds like circular thinking, because it is!  It also sounds like the giddy but fairly accurate answer one might get from either a teenager or someone married for forty or fifty years!  Emotional AND Circular!!!  But God is very accurate, and there is a reason hidden in the very word Bet-Chet-Reysh used in the Hebrew for "love" or "choose".

Bet  Tent, House — household, in, into, family
Chet  Fence, Inner Room — private, to separate, divided, reveal
Reysh  Head of a man — person, the head, the highest

You see, the three letter Hebrew word used for choose or love has a double meaning (very common in Hebrew).  It is God’s saying He, the First, will reveal Himself to this family and then will reveal this family to all because it IN TURN is the first or pre-eminent family of people to open itself, to let Him reveal Himself to them.  It’s not predetermination, it is two part circular thinking.  It is Parent-Husbanding, but that is exactly what love is!

A Father God who is already out there NOW in your eternity, loves what He sees YOU choosing to open yourself to become; then He desired from the beginning to help you become that very beloved He sees "as if" it already is.  It is exactly like the Parent-Husbanding He demands of Abraham!  It is Circular action to match the Circular thinking of a GOD WHO IS EVERYWHEN!  Can you handle HIS WAY OF LOVING YOU WHEN THE ETERNAL OBJECTIVE DOESN'T HAPPEN TO MATCH YOUR RIGHT-NOW DESIRES?!

As you read the Bible, look for an emotional God
and "Circular Thinking"!

—    —    —    —    —

APR 2, 2018:  BIBLE SECRETS 3    When it comes to understanding God or His word, God has something to say about priests, cult leaders, or anyone that gets between Him and His precious sheep (YOU).  God says He hates them!!!!!  God hates the Nicolaitan spirit.  To explain: Nicolaitan is a compound word; nico = to conquer; laitan = the laity, the common people, the sheep, you.  In other words God wants direct access between Him and YOU!  And ANYBODY that "conquers" the laity and puts themselves as an intermediary between God and His paid for in blood sheep is on His short list!  Any priest, pastor, rabbi, or whoever who says you can't understand God or the Bible and "I” have to explain and intervene for you, has to be very careful lest he really be judged more severely.  As a teacher that carefulness includes me!  And anybody who points you to themselves instead of the Lord is a Nicolaitan!

Now, I can't prove the following, so I share it as just a consideration in favor of YOU doing your own studying of the Bible.  Anyways, it seems there is some sort of correlation between the Nicolaitan spirit and being deeply committed to highly abstract Greek thinking and logic.  That Greek abstract thinking, without intending to, encourages an approach backwards from God's; backwards from last week's BLOG.  It makes it way too easy to have a thought, a notion (perhaps even from a scripture verse), and then to be able to cherry pick a few other verses that can be interpreted to prove or disprove almost anything!  The J.W., various cults, and even Calvinism to some degree, fall for this backwards approach.

In Mark 10:15, Jesus says, "Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  How does that relate to what I am telling you about pictorial Hebrew versus abstract Greek?

Most of the world's children think in concrete stories and pictures, EXACTLY like the Bible is written; but adults (by the way, the word adult has its roots in the Greek word for "mixed" or adulterated) try to put away childish things and think and interpret the Bible using Greek abstract, word twiddling, thinking and linear "logic".  No wonder Mark needed to write that scripture!  We are using the wrong tools to understand God!

YOU, Please, Stick With The Whole Bible As Your Guide!

—    —    —    —    —

MAR 26, 2018:  BIBLE SECRETS 2    So, secret 1 from last week, Hebrew was a picture language!  You then have to also realize that the Hebrews were a concrete, picture, or visual, thinking people.  This was more so back when the Bible was written.  They tended to be much more concrete or pictorial in their thinking than the Greek, abstract thinking, that gradually took over Christianity starting in perhaps 163 AD.  The first Christians were ALL Jews!  (By about 300 AD almost all the church "fathers" were gentiles trained to think much more in Greek!)

As a result of who it was written to, the VAST majority of the Bible is in picture stories to a pictorially thinking people!  NO ONE CONCEPT is ever found all in one spot, or even all in a few cherry picked verses.  Instead every concept is spread out in dozens of stories throughout the whole Bible.  A concept or a spiritual truth is demonstrated, or worked out in concrete examples, a little bit in one story, a little bit in another story, and more here and more there.  That is what God did!  There is a fancy name for this method of spreading a concept out: it's called a "matrix associative memory".  The information is "distributed" throughout the whole Bible exactly like computer codes were in the early space craft when memory was very limited.  That is how the Bible is written!  The benefit is that you can lose huge chunks of the Bible and still recover almost the whole message exactly like those early space craft.

Here is how the Bible actually works (oh, and I do also understand hermeneutics, exegesis, contextualization, the law of first use, and a whole bunch of other stuff — but what I am about to say is God's "roots" !!!)  You simply read the whole Bible through cover to cover!  More often is better!  It only takes 77.25 hours to read the whole thing out loud at an average pace.
     No trying too hard to understand.
     Absolutely NO preconceived notions.
     Nothing you are looking to prove OR disprove.
     Nothing but a story to you from your God.
     Just SEE the stories and let them sweep over you.
This will store all those pieces-parts in your brain.  And THEN!

THEN when you really need a particular concept (the Lord normally works on only one or two at a time) it is the Spirit's job to bring to mind and to "layer" together or "overlap" all the parts of each story that pertain to the concept YOU need!  Isn't that great?!?  He does the teaching!  And the more you read, the more the Spirit has to work with.

There is a whole Bible consistency to His teaching.

—    —    —    —    —

MAR 19, 2018:  BIBLE SECRETS 1    I keep running across misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the Bible, so a series of BLOGs on the Bible, starting with the Hebrew language, seem in order.  Hebrew is one of about 4 or 5 languages that in their original form had pictures that you combined to form thoughts or words.  Egyptian Hieroglyphics is another one, as is the original Chinese with about 600 pictographs containing 214 prime "radicals" or "primitives", and about 700 ideographs as word combinations.  The Hebrew, with 26 pictures started as and still is one of the most compact of languages.  Let me give you the pictures:

Hebrew Picture Letters

So, how does this work?  The Hebrew word for son is "ben"; when you plug in the pictures to the Hebrew letters you get "tent" and "life" (seed or darting like a fish); so the son is the life or seed of the tent.  The "helper" God made for Adam was an "eye" "cut" or separated from the "head"; she was a SECOND PERSPECTIVE for Adam! See how it shades and adds depth to the meaning?  To "leave" father and mother is to "look differently at your family tent".  To "cling" to your wife is to "keep the thought of entering that tent in the back of your mind".  In Proverbs 8:23 the "beginning" is actually spelled out by the following character by character pictures: "a chaotic, liquid, leftover (or least-part), entered the path of a massive liquid deed, or work (the world)".  That perfectly describes the first moments of our planet, although it is not yet what most scientists understand.

I could go on and on, but hopefully you are getting the PICTURE!  What I am strongly suggesting is that even though Hebrew has become phonetic (sounds for each letter), that at least 85% of the time plugging the original pictures back into the Masoretic text letters WILL add depth to you understanding!  Get yourself a Masoretic text (there are free ones on line), ignore the translation, and when you are really curious about something, plug in the pictures and see what God can show you!!!!

It really REALLY couldn't hurt.

—    —    —    —    —

MAR 12, 2018:  CAN WE SEE GOD?    You may disagree, but I think the lives and deaths of all His beloved saints act as a spotlight to outline a clean sharp Image of an awesome God who:

Has a long-range vision:
400 years in Egypt till Canaanite cup filled
To redeem through Jesus only at right time
To teach us and Satan through trials of Job

Continually taking some as expressly His:
Jacob-Esau, Judah-Ruben, Israel-Canaanites
A priesthood vs. those who choose darkness
His Image includes picking man’s helpmeet

Not compromise when things get rough:
David face down pleading for his child
Jesus in the garden asking for cup to pass

Slowly parent-husbands:
Decades taking the schemer out of Jacob
A decade in desert preparing David as King

Is resolute on the best, right way:
Job not curse or blame God held as example
Not bowing to gold idol in face of fiery furnace
Jesus not taking a shortcut by bowing down

Insists we learn the cost of a calling:
With Samson’s last bit of strength
Jesus on the cross, the cost of obedience

Ministers in the hard times:
In fiery furnace, lion’s den, whale’s belly
In intense garden prayers

I suggest God’s actions show us He does not want to be alone and is taking the slow, patient, Parent-Husband, approach to prepare a people who respond to Him — to then raise to His side!  And among us I see another common thread.  All who are His have to come to a point of total surrender to the purpose, plan, and pattern of what that awesome Father God put before them.

They had to lay it all down.

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