I sojourn
my soul
longs to be


if He
slays me,
yet will
I trust

     Job 13:15


I was trained as a Bethel Bible teacher back in 1968-70, and later, in 1980, was specifically called by the Lord to “be one who teaches with authority”.  I didn’t accept Jesus as my Savior until 1972 so I know it is possible to have a whole lot of head knowledge about the Bible without actually knowing Him personally.  I have taught at Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Assembly of God and non-denominational churches, so I aim at truth not denomination.  One adult Bible class I taught lasted for over a decade.  I developed all my own material which people seemed to like.  They kept coming back.

I married after serving in the Air Force, and have been married for over 53 years.  We have one son now 48 years old whom we are very proud of for his Godly life choices

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator places me as an Introvert-iNtuitive-Thinker-Perceiver; which is to say I am normally aware of a multiplicity of possibilities and do not like to jump to a decision except as a guess to test my own thinking.  I chew on things.  I have an unending curiosity about almost everything except sports.  My thinking is very pictorial as opposed to verbal, but am reasonably articulate in expressing what I "see" conceptually.

My degree is in physics with some graduate work, but about 35 years ago I ran across a general theory of physics that makes much of what I learned in college wrong, so think of me as trying to give myself a master’s degree in a field that doesn’t exist.  People tend to short circuit when told: gravity does not propagate at the speed of light; most physics paradoxes disappear if you measure time properly; and a whole lot of other neat stuff.  For those few interested, it is a G.U.T. with two motions, not four forces.

My creativity (I have or am listed on 9 U.S. patents) typically comes from chewing on a problem from many different angles.  With the Spirit's help I do something similar for Bible truths; and am good at taking deep concepts from one area and seeing how they apply to seemingly unrelated areas.

I respond to need and in responding enjoy being a teacher, coach, partner, or mentor, not pushing a rigid teaching or solution but investigating with a person how to apply basic godly concepts to their situation.  I can be as intense and as deep as required.

My IQ is between 128 and 138, depending on which test and when.  Tests are not the best way to measure capability.  I think of myself as a unique multi-faceted mix of genius and idiot, and I think of God as having a sense of humor when He made me.  One could sum it up by calling me a teacher-forthteller with a deep mix of skills and insights that can be applied in a variety of different ways.  Friends just call me deep; I guess that's as good a definition as any.

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